4 Reasons NCERT Books Are Important For the UPSC Preparation

4 Reasons NCERT Books Are Important For the UPSC Preparation
4 Reasons NCERT Books Are Important For the UPSC Preparation

Last Updated on August 25, 2022 by rida

Students who belong to the CBSE board must have understood the importance of NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) Books. These books are required in the board exam preparation. But not just that, even they are useful in the UPSC examination. Yes! You heard it right; we are talking about the role of NCERT books in the UPSC exam preparation.

So, for students who do not know which books to prepare for UPSC, we suggest they refer to NCERT books first before referring to any other study materials. To make you understand better, below, we have highlighted certain reasons for the same.

Why are NCERT books helpful in the UPSC preparation?

1. Many prelims questions are from the same

There are many students who are unaware of the fact that 35 to 40 questions of the UPSC prelims come from the NCERT book itself. And few of NCERTs questions come into the mains exam as well. So, instead of purchasing study materials of the hefty amount, refer to class 11th and class 12th NCERT books.

Many academic experts suggest the same to start the UPSC preparation. Whether you join coaching classes or prepare on your own, keep NCERT books on your preparation list. All basic concepts and knowledge come from the same study material. Whether it is maths, English, or any other module like History and geography, start your preparation with NCERT books themselves.

2. Do not get lost in the vast ocean

Sometimes coaching materials confuse students. It is because they provide study materials in the form of a compilation of different topics. Also, due to in-depth explanation, sometimes aspirants get confused about which topic to refer to first and how much to remember all of them. But, NCERT books are the best study material that facilitates exam preparation in no time.

But remember that reading NCERT books is not enough. Aspirants have to push themselves and understand concepts first. Hence, we suggest they make notes also while referring to NCERT books. Make either sticky notes or short notes on papers and revise them regularly. In this manner, aspirants will not divert themselves from the actual path of preparation.

3. Requires less preparation time

On the one hand, coaching institutes take days or weeks to complete one topic. Whereas, if you refer to the NCERT books, then it will take one day for one topic to complete. It is because NCERT books stick to the relevant information and do not present stories in front of you. If you do not have NCERT books or their notes, it is the best option to download them from online websites.

Many of them are available free while few charge the nominal amount. So, if you are preparing for the upcoming UPSC exam and want to score good marks with minimal effort, opt for NCERT books first. Quick preparation with good results is for sure with such study materials. However, it depends on which format (print and digital) you prefer.

4. Authentic information

Sometimes typos and spelling mistakes puzzle UPSC aspirants that they read in other study materials. But, NCERT books have authentic information that gives them correct knowledge. After all, learning accurate answers will give essential marks in the examination. These books are considered the genuine information source because experts and the best brains design them.

Also, it includes the current data that the UPSC board accepts. The aspirant who knows the UPSC civil services exam 2021 Notification knows that NCERT books are the main element for prelims and mains examination.  So, start your preparation from now itself.

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