Bathroom Partitions for Public Spaces

Bathroom Partitions

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How to plan your commercial bathroom layout? 

  • Pick the partition material. For your convenience, there is a detailed section below that talks about some of the best material options for bathroom partitions. Confirm the quantity of material that you will be requiring. Share your contact information and installation site address with your partition installing company. This is done after you have deposited a certain minimal amount to seal your contract. 
  • Take into consideration the area and how the individual boundaries you need. Share with the installer the design idea that you have in mind. This will let them know about your preferences and better construct the bathroom space. 

Types of partition material  

Powdered coated steel bathroom partition 

Commercial bathrooms require partitions that are durable, safe, and cost-effective. Thanks to coated steel partitions because it fits right in. These partitions are painted with galvanized steel which makes them resistant to corrosion and stains. Steel is very durable, which is why these partitions can stand without any high maintenance. For public spaces where effectivity is more important than what is showy, these partitions work the best. 

Laminate Bathroom partitions 

These partitions come in several colors. With various choices and the quality intact in all of them, these are one of the best choices. These partitions have a laminate covering that comes with a resistant board core. This ensures optimum water runoff while also keeping the separation durable and robust. Laminate bathrooms are bonded under pressure which makes their texture well finishes and perfect for their primary purpose. 

Solid Plastic Bathroom partitions 

If you are looking for bathroom partitions for shower rooms or public restrooms, this is the choice to make. Plastic dividers are resistant to moisture and graffiti, making them clean and dry. Like laminate bathrooms, these are available in a wide range of colors. One of the best features of solid plastic bathrooms is that they do not dent. This is proof enough that they are resistant to tremendous pressure, making them one of the most durable bathroom partitions. 

Phenolic Bathroom partitions 

These are made of highly dense material that is incorporated with fabrics. This fabrication makes the bathroom partitions resistant to harsh conditions, moisture, and humidity. For any public space, it is vital to keep it safe from any bacteria accumulation. Phenolic bathrooms are infection resistant and are easy to clean, making the space around them safer and more practical. 

Essential aspects of a bathroom partition 

  • Comfort: Out of all things, the most important aspect to not compromise with is comfort. People are already cynical about using public restrooms. On top of it, if they are greeted with an uncomfortable space, it is no less than a nightmare. In addition to the proper and top-tier installation of partitions, space should also be maintained. Staff should be appointed to regularly look after the sanitation of these spaces. 
  • Safety and Privacy: The partitions should not be invading. Each section should have the right amount of space with the essentials in it. Latches and locks on the doors should be such that they are easily operable. 
  • Appearance: Proper sanitation is the key to this. While you are investing so much in installing the best partition material, keep in mind to cater to the right accessories for a good smell in the restroom. Clean mirrors and good lighting are equally crucial for a bathroom to be fully operational. 

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