Top 5 Bedding Trends for Summer 2023

Top 5 Bedding Trends for Summer 2021

Last Updated on February 11, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

Bedding is also known as bed linen or bedclothes. Our beds are the first thing we want to makeover as soon as the warmer weather comes. Bedding is the washable as well as removal part of the human sleeping environment. Switching the colors of the double bed sheets also indicates the arrival of the summer season. We’ll discuss the top best bedding trends for this summer that will amaze your mind.

According to research, the global home bedding was valued at USD 73.88 billion in 2020 and it is expected that it will expand at a  CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 9.0% from 2021 to 2028. The popularity of low profile beds is increasing and greyscale color palettes indicate the bedding trends of the minimalist bedroom and it is driving the market in the Global Scenario.

Here are the top 5 bedding trends for summer 2023 are as follows:


Vila is the tropical print and features a crisp white backdrop adorned with a leafy botanical print. The tropical print adds greenery to your home and represents a dazzling pattern in a range of lush colors. During summer one wants to embrace an indoor meet-out vibe and keep it bright and light. This creates a ruse of being outside and being one with nature while being indoors.

Marlow Cover Set

Marlow cover sets can also be included in your Double Bed Sheets.  It indicates a sophisticated direction, and it looks beautiful when paired with whites and greys. Leilani set along with blush cushions are good for a bedroom that feels bold. Ditch heavy and bulky blankets, cool breathable bed sheets are a must to put an end to tossing.

Edmonton Terracotta Cover Set

The Edmonton Terracotta Cover set is so beautiful and gives a super soft feel. The rich Terracotta for your Double Bed Sheets adds earthy and warmer shades. The geometrical pattern of the Edmonton Terracotta makes it unique from the other set. Mimosa and Austin pink cover sets are also suitable for the summer season. These colors give a more vibrant look to your home.

Lena Cover Set

Lena is the standout shape and it is about using more colors. Lena, Pia, and Axel’s cover set add brightness to the bedrooms. The yellow spots keep a bit of a whimsical touch whereas the white and black make it look more sophisticated. The blue tones look marvelous and add a monochromatic approach to the bedroom. During this summer season, lightweight linen is trending and is more in demand.

Axel Cover Set

The Axel cover set for Double Bed Sheets is very welcoming and colorful. It is an element of surprise and looks impressive. During the summer season, soft blue bed sheets, white or beige are often recommended to lighten up the room. Nowadays, Earthy tones, like these linen pillowcases from Parachute in a terracotta-inspired hue are more trending. Woven naturals are even showing up during the summer season.

Final Words

The different colors and patterns of double bed sheets also regulate your mood. If the colors are brighter, you feel more joyous as opposed to dark colors that are associated with a more grim feeling. Boring white bedding is so outdated. Mixing up different colors brightens up the room.

People choose bedding that does not just look good but is also good for the environment and for their own health. Double bed sheets should not only be stylish but also be eco-friendly.

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