Herbal Oils- Explained In Detail

Some Essential Oil Uses for Mothers

We know that herbal oils in any form have been around for thousands of years—ever since Ayurveda originated. Today, the herbal oils used in Ayurvedic practice are becoming popular across the globe because people now recognize their numerous wellness benefits.

If you want to know more about them or how they can help us, here’s something you need to know about those precious items called herbal oils.

Why are Herbal Oils important?

The preparations of Ayurvedic herbal oils, starting since the Vedic period, have the power to impart the qualities of beneficial and potent herbs deep into the tissues by using oil as a base. These herbal oils have been used for various purposes like scalp and body massage, consumption, nasal drops, and many more.

If you use herbal oils regularly for massage, they can help in making your skin healthy and radiant by sustaining its proper nourishment and also helps in promoting healthy joints.

Herbal hair oils are an important ingredient in preparing any kind of Ayurvedic hair care treatment that helps in managing the normal growth of your hair. Some people use herbal oils for specific reasons, and some use them simply for a good smell.

About the preparation

To prepare the proper base of the herbal oil, sesame oil, olive oil, or coconut oil is the most preferred choice in Ayurveda as these have anti-inflammatory properties and also some other benefits. To this, the required herbs are added and cooked depending on the need by following the rules of Ayurveda.

Such Ayurvedic oils can do wonders as it helps in offering the benefits of the oil plus the workings of the other beneficial ingredients that were infused during the preparation. The result is herbal essential oils that can easily provide amazing health benefits.

The usage of herbal oils:

  • Hair oil or massaging scalp- Herbal oils, which are used for hair massages are infused with some special herbs, such as  Amla, Neeli, Brahmi, etc., that are good in sustaining the natural hydration and moisture of the scalp. The practice of Shirodhara, which is the process of pouring warm oil on the forehead, can easily help in the normal blood flow and thus helps in the rejuvenation process of the hair follicles.  
  • Kavala– Oral care is an essential part of Ayurveda as it is the first and very important step to ingesting your food. The practice of Kavala,which is oil pulling, can help the body to eliminate natural toxins and help in maintaining your oral hygiene. 
  • Body Massages- For body massages, warm herbal oils are used to help in maintaining the normal circulation of blood and maintaining the natural hydration of the skin. It is also helpful in sustaining the strength of your muscles and joints.
  • Nasya and Tarpana – Nasya is a type of process in which the herbal oil is poured into the nasal cavity in order to cleanse the channels of the upper body. On the other hand, NetraTarpana is the process of contact of the eyes with lukewarm herbal oils that can help in offering proper nourishment to the eye.


Ayurvedic herbs for helping in the proper nourishment and improvement of both the health of our hair and skin have been in practice for centuries. Indian sages have been offering the blessing of ancient Ayurvedic texts by preparing various formulations using the power of Nature’s healing herbs. These herbal oils can provide a harmless way of helping in supporting the overall good health of both our body and mind.

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