Best Business Communication Tools for Growing Businesses


Proper information dissemination plays an important role in any type of business. Information sharing is crucial for the growth of any enterprise; hence, the importance of communication in any organization is inarguable. Communication engages employees and makes them more productive. It also keeps them aligned with the core values of the company. Additionally, it helps build better company culture, promotes a healthier work environment, and helps avoid disagreements among employees and between management and employees. Communication is also among the driving forces that promote customer retention and satisfaction. It is also one of the many factors that help businesses reach their organizational goals.

With the drastic changes happening around the world today, communication has become even more crucial for companies. Unlike before where the workforce of corporations is located only in one region and in an office setting, today’s modern workers can now be located anywhere around the world, working synchronously with each other to uphold company values and drive their organizations to success. This arrangement requires an upgrade to a more efficient means of communication.

To answer the growing demand for communication solutions in this modern world, new technologies are being created and adopted for the improvement of every organization’s efforts. Here are some of the best communication tools that every business, regardless of size, can use to grow, expand, and beat the competition.


Slack is a communication tool that allows people within an organization to collaborate, share information, send files, and get tasks done. Its reliable and easy-to-use interface allows team members of organizations to collaborate easily regardless of their individual locations. Built with unlimited channels and workspaces, it helps teams become more productive. To ensure a top-of-the-line customer experience, Slack has integrated over 1,500 third-party applications that users can choose from. Among these are Google Analytics, project management, vacation and leave management, and activity tracking to name a few. Slack allows one-on-one calling, video and audio sharing, direct messaging, and many more.

Internet of Things

According to experts, devices that are connected with software, sensors, and other types of modern technologies will grow by 22 billion by around 2025. The concept of connecting devices to any type of technology, such as the Internet, is called the Internet of Things or IoT. IoT connects not only objects but people as well. Basically, it bridges connections between people, people to things, and things to things. The Internet of Things is a practical solution to business communications, as it offers practical and low-cost means to achieve organizational goals. One good example of technology that uses the Internet of Things is Iridium PTT, which allows international teams to connect to each other no matter where they are in the world.

Video Web Conferencing Services

Video web conferencing is essentially one of the most popular means of communication used by many businesses to connect with their teams. It uses video and audio to connect two or more people across the Internet. Video web conferencing utilizes a simple, unified interface that allows for screen sharing that empowers team members to become more engaged, more connected, and more productive despite their varied locations. Essentially, video web conferencing increases communication reliability and reduces redundancy. Among the more popular applications that offers video web conferencing are Skype and Zoom.

Social Media

Social media used to be just a tool for individuals to communicate with each other. Over time, it has grown to so much more, even allowing entire communities and small to large corporations to interact with each other. From the business perspective, social media has grown from just being a means to send and receive direct messages via the Internet to an application that allows advertising and marketing capabilities that help augment market reach and drive sales. Social media has become a powerhouse that has an immense impact on business growth. The best thing about social media is that it is free to use and user-friendly, allowing people from all ages and all walks of life access to its wide array of applications.


With its dozens of tools set up specifically to run smooth presentations, ClickMeeting is perfect for businesses that offer a host of live webinars. Webinars held via this application may be used for branding or for internal communication purposes. Key features include webinar statistics, webinar recording, audio-video recording, private chats, screen sharing, and chat-to-text translations to name a few.

Year after year, new technologies that can be crucial for business growth may emerge. For now, the ones mentioned above are among the best communication tools that growing businesses can use to achieve their organizational goals.

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