PC Hacks: Keeping Your Computer in Tip-top Shape


Last Updated on July 15, 2022 by rida

Like it or not, the world is still in suspended animation, on a grounded halt as the coronavirus has its way with the planet. For one, people are only going out to get necessities now and then prevent further the increase of infected patients, not to mention the pile of dead bodies.

No doubt, the pandemic is has changed our daily lives. The good news is amidst all the uncertainty and chaos, personal computers are doing a great job giving us a semblance of reality. It’s paramount therefore that we keep our computers in top shape. Or risk losing a significant portion of our lives spent indoors. 

It doesn’t matter if you are an employee or a student working on your homework. You need a computer to function. Truth be told, with most Americans having access to the internet owning at least one computer, the device has become necessary. Especially true with the virus not letting up. 

Indeed, computers help us get our work done faster. However, like any other technology, it is not immune to problems and issues. You’re lucky if your computer issues are easy to fix. But if not, you could be caught between a rock and a hard place. Before things blow up in your face and your online life dives, here are key talking points to help you keep your PC in tip-top shape. 

Keep Your Computer Clean

Besides constantly sterilizing surfaces to protect yourself against the coronavirus outbreak, removing dust regularly on your computer is crucial. This is to prevent damage and keep it working like brand new. 

And if you’re confident enough, you can open your tower to clean and wipe out the dust from fans and places where dust is usually accumulated. It may heat up and destroy your computer’s motherboard. A soft and handy microfiber cloth should do the trick. With this, you can also clean your screens without worrying about scratching them.

Keep Your Data Safe

Being an employee and working at home can be stressful. As a dutiful worker, you are busy all the time and meeting deadlines. And most of the time, we set aside important things. A good example is getting your files needed back-up. 

Imagine if you’re an accountant working from home. You have your company’s customers on your hard drive. This includes phone numbers, addresses, and the latest statements. What do you think will happen to you if you lose all of these data on your PC hard drive? It’s true. You may not have a job after tomorrow. 

This is the reason why a reliable cloud-based data backup for your computer hard-drive is a must. Having copies of all your files and information safely stored can be your savior when things go wrong. Plus, you can’t beat the convenience cloud-based storage offers. You gain access wherever you go, so long as you’re connected to the internet. 

It’s always good to be prepared for things like this, as work-related files or projects are all important. And retrieval of lost data and files can be easily rescued at your disposal. Even better, these services offer anti-malware software and virus protection. So that all your data is ensured and protected.

Be Careful What You Install and Download

Sometimes installing and downloading things inside your computer is required for work or school. But other people take it too far. If you download so many things, it will only result in a filled up hard drive. 

Also, some programs and software that you download might contain viruses. And we all know how annoying and dangerous they can be. With all that in mind, make sure to do your research and contemplate before downloading and installing anything. With malware having its way, you can say goodbye to all the hard work you’ve put in.

Keep Your Drinks Away 

As tempting as drinking soda and coffee may be, accidents can happen anywhere, even if you are careful. Our computers may last long, but spilling liquids inside them can cause electrical damage and problems with the internal microelectronic components. 

In simple terms, a short circuit can happen. As a result, it may corrupt your essential files and wreak havoc on your computer needlessly. Make sure you place your drinks away. If you can’t help it, you can always use a cover. So that the liquid does not go near your computer if it spills.

Organize Your Computer Wires

To ensure that no accidents happen while you work or do your homework, take time to keep your wires in place. A fastener or zip-ties may come in handy. This way, there will be no danger, such as detaching an important cord or a foot getting tangled on wires in the middle of an important task. 

As always, it’s best to be safer than sorry. Certainly, all the due diligence is never for naught. A functional computer means better days ahead awaits you.