Thermal Relief valves and their uses in industry

Thermal relief valves

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In the manufacturing and processing plants where various chemicals are produced, valves become the basic requirement just like boilers, distillers, pipes, cisterns, and others. Though valve is used for the basic purpose of regulating the flow of liquid, gas, or water vapor, with the advancement in technology multi variations of thermal relief valves are coming in the market that not only is used to keep the pressure at a normal level but also as a safety device that protects the plant from any damage.

And with the focus of the government on the manufacturing sector, as evident from the recent privatizations, Made in India and Make in India programs, the manufacturing sector is going to increase ten folds in the upcoming few years. This indicates more and more establishment of industries, and more, in turn, more requirements of valves. One such valve which is the Thermal Relief Valve is used extensively in almost every industry be it petrochemical, textiles, sugar, petroleum, chemicals, etc. in this article, we shall get to learn in detail about the specifications of Thermal Relief Valve.

How does it work?

The working mechanism of these valves is pretty the same as other valves, from the name itself one can recognize that this valve must deal with regulating air pressure and not any liquids. There are various chemical reactions where a specific amount of pressure is necessary for it to occur, otherwise, the reaction will not proceed. So, you need equipment to maintain that specific pressure throughout the reaction, till the fuel is extinguished.

In some situations, during the reaction the chemicals themselves or the by-products convert the water into steam, thus absorbing the heat energy. And gradually with time, this steam builds up pressure which goes on increasing beyond the normal levels. If not controlled it can prove fatal not only for the plant but also for the workers working in close contact with the plant.

Here comes Thermal Relief Valve, into the picture when the air pressure due to steam is increasing, Thermal Relief Valve opens the outlet to let the excess steam get ejected from the system. Or another method is to flow the excess hot water through the valve, because excess water or liquid may also be the reason for increased pressure in the system.

Types of Thermal Relief Valves

Till now we have discussed the application of Thermal Relief Valves, Sanitary Pressure Relief Valve, there are variations of new additions which have come up with these valves. Earlier the valves used to be mechanical where if the pressure went above the normal levels, there was a worker assigned, whose task was to switch the valve on or off as per the pressure meter.

But those were old days; now everything has become automatic, from ordering food online through Swiggy, Zomato, or ordering medicines online from to ordering washing machines for Amazon & Flipkart and hundreds of other examples. In the same manner, Thermal Relief Valves have also come up with their automatic form. Now no need to assign a person and pay him a hefty salary in times of increasing inflation, just install the Thermal Relief Valve in the perfect position, from where it could extract the steam and throw it outside.

Where can we get Thermal Relief Valves?

If you are reading this post, and you are in desperate need of Thermal Relief Valves for your factory, then you are currently reading the perfect article suitable for you. Buying valves offline shops can make you feel tired because usually there are fitting issues with valves. The shopkeeper may insist you purchase it, but when you use it, it may not fit on the tank.

So, it’s better to buy Thermal Relief Valves and Back Pressure Regulating Valve online and get them delivered to your doorstep or the factories’ address. So, if you are searching for online websites where you can place your order, but feeling insecure due to originality issues, then stop your search because you have arrived at the perfect destination.

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