Characteristics of lubricants and refrigeration systems for industrial machinery

Characteristics of lubricants and refrigeration systems for industrial machinery

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All the tools, equipment or facilities, connections, and related movements are required to perform a specific task. The reduction of friction between the contact elements (reducing material and energy losses) is achieved by the presence of a lubricating oil film. Among other measures, lubricating systems are obtained to remove some of the heat generated by the development of the machine cycle, thus performing the cooling function. However, most cars have a self-cooling system to maintain body temperature and mechanisms, so the material retains its originality.

In addition to cooling and lubrication, work and adjustment are important systems that connect the machine and allow it to operate under standard operating conditions. The operation of mechanical elements is necessary to lubricate the contact surface and maintain the operating temperature within reasonable limits.

In a machine design project, in addition to calculating the wear and tear of items such as wood, furniture or bearings, it is also important to determine the cooling and lubrication system, the working method, the components and the case to be used. Indicates type. . Liquid refrigerants and / or lubricants. These two parallel systems consist of hydraulic circuits that often have similar characteristics.

Although not always required, refrigerators should sometimes be made of lubricating oil, especially in large machines (high energy generators) and olive hydraulic transmissions, in a car with a certain amount of water or heat exchanger.

Except for a few cases, as we have seen, most industrial machinery and equipment are free of refrigeration systems and lubricants. In addition, accidental mixing of refrigerants and oils can be harmful, especially air and moisture. Accidental inclusion of the refrigerator in the lubrication scheme and consequently, lack of oil adhesive and Multipurpose Lubricant can accelerate the corrosion and corrosion of the metal surface of the circuit. Also, the presence of oil in the cooling system reduces efficiency and requires the separate use of existing oil. This problem is especially important in refrigeration equipment. As a rule, you should use high quality refrigerants and lubricants, no pollution, and provide locking mechanism and proper insulation to prevent interference between the two systems. The idea is that metal, engines, etc. Applies to various machines for processing.

In addition, some devices, such as some compressors, have integrated systems for cooling and lubricating, so there is a single coated working fluid circuit that requires lubrication and cooling.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that lubrication and cooling, activation of the technique and prolonging its useful life are part of the normal service. In fact, lubricants and refrigerators need to be replaced every few hours, depending on the specific operating conditions of each machine and the characteristics of the liquids used, resulting in uninterrupted scheduling. It becomes impossible to run and reduce maintenance costs, and so on. On

Most modern industries use conveyor belts to transport raw and finished goods. Conveyor belts include chains that need to be properly lubricated. An efficient lubricating system ensures the longevity of the chain, increases production rates and reduces energy costs.

There are basically two options for lubricating these chains, solid film lubrication and liquid membrane lubrication. Most people prefer to use hard lubricants because they can withstand higher temperatures and use less lubricants. It also protects against breakage. Hard lubricants are a bit more difficult to use because they need to be used by hand. The lubricating oil can be used by hand with a bottle of alcohol and a brush, but there are several risks involved.

Manual use of lubricants can lead to many accidents and the most important disadvantages include the following.

High temperature: One of the disadvantages of these chains is its high temperature. Therefore, the use of these lubricants by hand is a bit dangerous because the chains are at high temperatures.

Unbalanced use: Another risk of manual use is uneven use. It is important to use it evenly as excessive use can lead to smoke and less use can save chains in a short time.

Application: It is also important to know when to use the lubricant.

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