4 Major Signs Your Car Needs New Brakes

4 Major Signs Your Car Needs New Brakes
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Last Updated on February 15, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

It’s very important to keep your motor vehicle in good functioning shape, and that extends to your brakes. Brakes keep you, other drivers, and pedestrians on the road safe. This helps prevent deaths in motor vehicle accidents, which rose 16 percent in the first half of 2021.

But, how do you tell if there’s a problem with your brakes? Read on to learn the signs your car needs new brakes ASAP.

1. Weird Noises 

Unusual sounds coming from your brakes can be a sign you need replacements. If you hear a screech-like sound while you try and use your brakes, it’s likely a sign that your brakes are beginning to give out.

A one-time noise could just be a sign of wet roads or other weather conditions. But, if the problem reoccurs, it’s certainly something to look into.

Another sign to keep an ear out for is grinding noises. These noises sometimes come from the ridges at the bottom of the pad, which are put there purposely. When these pads start making noises, it’s a sign to take your car in for a brake replacement as soon as possible. These sounds could also result from the mechanisms of the breaks grinding together, which are also a sign of your brakes 

2. Brakes Taking Longer

If your brakes begin to take longer to respond than they did previously, it’s a sign of a major issue. If you feel the pedal sink further towards the floor, there could be a leak. This is particularly important to watch out for if you have old brakes, or have never changed the brakes on your car.

If you need to replace your breaks as a whole, or you simply need a repair, check out redlineautoparts.com.

3. Your Brake Light is On

Your brake light will turn on if your car detects an issue. So, if you notice your brake light lighting up, it’s time to go to an auto mechanic to see if there’s a problem that could require you to replace your brakes. This is true for all of the other notification lights on your car, too — it’s always necessary to have your car checked out if there’s any sign of an issue.

4. Drifting

Do you feel your car starting to drift to one side when you hit the brakes? This could be a sign of a major problem with your brake system. If you’ve driving your car over difficult terrain, or otherwise putting your car into situations where it might have more stress on its system, it could cause damage to your brakes that could cause it to drift when you try and use them.

Get New Brakes for Your Car Today

If you’re seeing any of these signs, it’s time to get new brakes in your car before anything goes wrong.

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