Guide for Maintenance of Oak Wood Furniture


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The classic self-pattern of oak wood makes it the preferred material for furniture, wood flooring, or other construction work. The types of oak wood that you choose to be incorporated in your exterior/interior designs can depend on the purpose for which it needs to be used. Specific purpose use such as flooring would require one type of oak wood, whereas furniture making would work best for you with another kind of oak.

There are specific patterns or colors of oak wood available, providing various options for an elegant display. In this article, we will discuss how you can do proper maintenance of your oak wood furniture.

Daily maintenance

Following steps can be followed for routine maintenance of oak furniture:


The simplest thing to do is dust your oak wood furniture every day. Dust is mildly abrasive, and if left uncleaned, it can leave tiny scratches on the oak. You can use a slightly damped fiber or cotton cloth to clean the wood.

Clean-up spills right away

One of the worst things about an oak wood product is to have moisture sitting on top of it. For instance, a coffee spill on your oak wood will have a condensation effect on the surface, which will destroy the look of your furniture. To ensure the lasting of wood, it is essential to clean up the spills over it immediately.

If the moisture sits on your oak wood for a more extended period, it will get underneath the finish, resulting in visible white spots on the wood surface.

Long-term maintenance:

It is essential to know specific tips to help you with the long-term maintenance of your oak wood belongings.

Cover your furniture

If you want to retain the perfect appearance of your oak furniture, you should use furniture cloths, trays, or table runners to minimize the day-to-day starches. To keep liquid products on your dining table or your dresser, you can always use a sheet so there is no chance the liquid would stain the wood.

Be mindful of temperature and humidity

For long-duration maintenance, you must keep your furniture away from things such as an air vent or a stove. Significant changes in temperature and humidity tend not to be suitable for oak wood furniture. The wood expands and contracts if the furniture is exposed to such conditions over time, and then you are likely to see a distorted texture of the wood after that.

Be mindful of sunlight

Another vital consideration for oak wood maintenance is to keep in mind the act that wood changes with exposure to the sun. With increasing sun exposure, the furniture will tend to lose its natural luster over time. If you are in a room with a very bright window with direct sunlight on your furniture, it will be best if you direct the position of your furniture away from the face of the sun and, in this way, protect it from direct sunlight.  

Re-new the oak

One interesting fact about the oak furniture is that it can be refurnished. You can take the surface, finish off and get that re-done. It will make your furniture look as if it was new again.