New Year, New Trends: Get To Know The Video Marketing Trends In 2023

Video Marketing Trends

Last Updated on January 8, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

Video marketing is booming in Australia. According to recent statistics published on Australian website Take a Tumble, 59 per cent of adult Australians watched digital video content on their smartphones, while 60 per cent of businesses used video in their video marketing trends In 2022 strategies in 2020. By the end of 2021, online traffic from Internet clips in Australia has been predicted to reach 79 per cent of the total. Considering this data, if your business has not yet invested in video ads or video ad, interactive videos, virtual reality videos, vertical video or vertical videos, how to videos, short form videos, and the like, now is the time you do so.

It’s the New Year, and in the industry of video marketing, they’re spending the New Year far more than you can possibly imagine. A video production company in Melbourne, for one, is more than willing to implement the video marketing trends happening this year. Wait up, we mentioned video marketing trends. It’ll be quite interesting to talk about these video marketing trends in 2022 in this article. What are these video marketing trends?

1. Live Videos

The live video has been seen in the previous years, and it’s expected they’ll continue to appear in 2022. Live video is utilised by everybody, from influencers to companies invested in video production.

For content marketers, live video should be part of their video marketing priorities. The demand for video content isn’t fading anytime soon. In fact, it’s even growing.

Generally, consumers prefer video content, but live videos, compared with pre-recorded videos, encourage them to engage more.

Video marketers may choose to use the features of social media platforms for live video marketing, such as Facebook Live.

2. Smartphone Production

Today, video marketing no longer requires pricey equipment and big budgets, unlike before. As a matter of fact, businesses can find it easier to produce video content since more and more

individuals are using their smartphones to watch video content.

Furthermore, social media influencers have overtaken seasoned video marketing professionals when it comes to perfecting video content on smartphones.

3. Search-Optimized Videos

You may have heard about videos a lot, but what about search-optimized videos? They’re also among the trends in video marketing this 2022.

To produce effective video content that follows search engine optimization or SEO practices, make sure the videos have a clear goal for your consumers. Then, be consistent. Finally, your video content must incorporate SEO elements like title tags, description keywords, thumbnail images, and so much more.

4. Vlogs

Not blogs, but vlogs. Like your live videos, these video blogs will continue to become among the most popular video marketing strategy this year.

Vlogs are great opportunities to create that human connection between your team and your audience. They also showcase your brand personality well and keep consumers coming back to your business for more of your content. This is for real; that’s why you must go get those vlogs ready.

5. Social Media Stories

Also coming through as a trend in video content this 2022 are social media stories. Like vlogs, social media stories show the personality of your brand and create a deeper personal connection with your audience. However, social media stories aren’t created equal.

Generally, social media stories are meant to be casual. Social media stories are day-to-day outtakes that offer a fantastic way to interact with your consumers. Plus, they can even include features or stickers where you can interact with your audience in a Q&A, poll, and so much more.

Moreover, they can also be produced by your customers. Take advantage of this possibility and ask your customers to tag you in their own stories.

6. AR/VR Videos

This year, AR and VR content are predicted to make their way into mainstream video marketing. This is because these video marketing strategies are becoming more accessible to consumers who increasingly look for interactive content, not just plain videos.

Similar to live video, AR and VR content are here to stay as a key strategy for many video marketers. Work on them starting today.

7. Silent Videos

Watching videos has also quite interestingly changed in recent times. Because people can watch videos on their devices anytime and anywhere, mostly with a crowd around them, there are individuals who prefer watching videos without the sound. Can’t you believe these silent videos will be a trend this 2022?

8. User-Generated Content

You must know that consumers also interestingly trust user-generated content compared with branded content. They find these trustworthy, authentic, and appealing.

With these, you can turn your customers into brand advocates. Customers generate video content on their respective social channels, and businesses can reshare them for more visibility.

This user-generated content can build trust among consumers and influence buying decisions over time.

Many businesses are expected to implement this year’s video marketing trends in their video marketing strategy. Are you ready to also apply these trends? Nowadays, consumers prefer watching videos because video marketing campaigns can undoubtedly present your products, services, and offers from a whole new perspective. If your goal is for your business to succeed, it must invest in video.

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