5 Best Fantasy Cricket Strategies

Cricket Strategies

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Saira Farman

Fantasy cricket has been around in some form or another since the early 90s, but it has really taken off over the last decade thanks to online sports gaming sites and all of the technology that goes along with them. Fantasy cricket players have more access to tips, statistics, and other kinds of knowledge about their sport than ever before, and that information can help to improve their play, especially if they use it correctly. Whether you’re an old pro or just starting out, here are 5 best fantasy cricket strategies to make your team the best it can be.

1) Preparing your fantasy cricket team

Before you start selecting players for your fantasy cricket team, it’s important to understand how they score points. Unlike in most sports, which are scored by wins or losses, fantasy cricket is based on individual player statistics, such as wickets taken or runs scored. A critical component of fantasy cricket is understanding who will play when. To best prepare your team, find out what time matches will take place—and watch for updated weather reports if you’re concerned about bad conditions. It also pays to read previews and reviews of upcoming games before adding players from those teams to your squad. The more information you have about each player, the better chance you have of picking a high-scoring squad!

2) Understand What is Possible

Fantasy cricket (and fantasy sports in general) are games of skill. So it stands to reason that you’ll win more often if you understand what’s possible within that game. Is it impossible to get one person to win every game? What about two people? What about three? Does everyone score differently based on positions played, or do your stats stay relatively even no matter where you play? Understanding how scoring works in your game will give you a sense of what’s possible—and also let you know which strategies are likely to pay off. There’s nothing worse than picking a team filled with players who average 200 points when your league only gives out 100-point bonuses for double-digit scores.

3) Selecting Captain’s Picks Wisely

Fantasy cricket tips requires you to choose players for your team based on their predicted performance in upcoming matches. But which players should you pick? There are several strategies for picking a player, but one of the most common is captain’s picks, when you choose a player who has not yet been selected by anyone else in your league. For example, in a fantasy cricket league with a 10-member team, one captain could select eight out of 10 players and then use his or her remaining two picks on whoever he/she thinks will score more points in that week’s matches. If it works out, great! That’s an additional 20 points for that week from just two picks! On average though, captain’s picks don’t really add much to overall point totals.

4) Understand Omission Patterns by Analyzing Previous Rounds

When it comes to fantasy cricket, players from Australia and South Africa dominate—which isn’t surprising given that they have been a dominant force in international cricket for a while now. For a team like Australia, for example, Aaron Finch is a must-have player because of his consistency with both bat and ball. On days when your runs or wickets might not come from other places in your roster, Finch will usually get you what you need to win your match outright. It’s also important to note that these teams often shuffle their lineups frequently, so research on individual players is crucial.

5) Understanding Must-Have Players

Building a team of cricket players is a bit like building a fantasy football team: Each player has different stats and attributes that determine their value to your squad. In fantasy cricket, however, there are some key differences. For one thing, it’s an entirely foreign sport—so when you’re choosing which players to add to your squad, it’s crucial to know what you’re doing. That’s why we’ve come up with a few must-have players for your fantasy cricket squads in 2016/17: A Must-Have Player in Every Category . If you don’t have these cricketers on your roster, you could be leaving points on the table over 17 weeks of play.