Best Upgrades for Your Jeep

Best Upgrades for Your Jeep

Last Updated on April 4, 2022 by admin

Whether you’re purchasing your first Jeep or you’ve been a lifelong owner of the brand, the chances are that you’ll want to add some customization to your new vehicle. Upgrading your Jeep allows you to do more with it, whether you plan to off-road in nearby forests, head up steep mountains, climb sandy dunes, or simply take your Jeep over the road for a sumer-long trip. Use these ideas to help you decide which upgrades best meet your needs.

Bigger Tires

There are pros and cons to putting larger tires on your Jeep. If you’re using your Jeep as your daily driver, larger tires can be detrimental because they decrease the miles per gallon the vehicle gets, don’t perform as well on hills or when you’re trying to pass other motorists, and cause more wear and tear on the drive-train and steering components.

However, if you’re using your Jeep as a recreational vehicle, increasing your Jeep JL Rubicon Tire size can make for a smoother ride when you’re off-roading, increase how effective your vehicle’s traction is during your rides, and increase how much ground you can clear when you’re crawling over rocks, sand dunes, or other obstacles. Plus, if you’re being honest with yourself, larger tires just look cooler.

Better Shocks and Struts

Upgrading your Jeep’s shocks and struts is another important part of ensuring it is ready for off-roading, long-distance trips, or any other adventure you want to take it on. The right shocks help to manage the weight of your vehicle, including how well it gets traction and how well the suspension holds up as you travel. When choosing aftermarket shocks like the Bilstein 5100 set, it’s important to understand the different components and what you need from them. For example, different types of valving have specific applications for various styles of driving. You’ll want to be sure the ones you choose match what you plan to do with your Jeep. 

Higher Suspension

Jeep lift kits for raising the suspension are as important as the tires, shocks, and struts. Creating a higher suspension for your vehicle is important if you want to make room to add larger tires for off-roading, which is a necessity if you want to drive on extreme terrain or over large obstacles. Even if you don’t plan to do extreme off-roading in your Jeep, raising the suspension is often an aesthetic preference for many owners.  

All the Extras

Of course, lifting your Jeep isn’t the only type of customization you can make. Consider how you’ll be using the vehicle to determine what other upgades may be in order. Will you be taking it camping? High-end GPS units and bright headlights ensure overnight safety on campsites. Is it a road trip vehicle or a daily driver? Consider heated seat covers, high-quality speaker systems, and other comfort upgrads to make long drives less tedious.A handy CB radio may be a worthy investment for your Jeep as well. There’s a reason professional drivers still use it since its inception in 1945. Should you run into emergencies on the road, especially in isolated areas, help is just one call away.

Are you ready to find the best customizations for your Jeep? Talk to local professionals to determine which upgrades best meet your needs and your budget.