Best Rc Trucks 4X4 Off Road Waterproof Buying Guide

Best Rc Trucks 4X4 Off Road Waterproof Buying Guide

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The people who are fond of thrill and adventures, RC trucks 4×4 off-road are an ideal gift. These are equally liked by both adults and children. They are famous for racing against your friends which is quite a fun time. Are you getting panic in picking out the right RC trucks 4×4 off-road waterproof either for you or for your kid? This buying guide will assist you in knowing a lot about these cars. 

How many kinds of RC trucks 4×4?

Electric Engine: Do you want a reliable RC truck 4×4? Then you should go for the one with an electric engine. These batteries are long-lasting and get charged speedily.

Nitro engine: Some of the best RC Trucks come with nitro engines. They offer huge power which makes them faster. Though, these engines need frequent maintenance.

Brushed vs Brushless: Brushed trucks get damage due to dirt and debris quite easily because they are exposed to the air. Brushed trucks are comparatively low-priced than brushless trucks. However, Brushless trucks are more durable but can overheat.

Stadium: These offer substantial suspension and an open-wheel design. They have a truck-like design body. Though, these trucks can’t run well on hard terrain. 

Monster: Thinking of buying RC trucks 4×4? Go for this one. Their huge tires and suspension make them the best RC trucks 4×4 off-road. They can run on almost all sorts of terrain.                          

Short course: These trucks come with smaller wheels and are actually designed for giving maximum speed. The short courses have been made especially for flat grounds. 

Listing the best RC trucks 4×4 off-road waterproof

Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler

Searching for the best RC truck for your little one? This truck features a changeable ride height that is the best for starters. Moreover, these trucks contain dual brushed electric motors.

Axial 1/10 SMT10 Grave Digger 4WD Monster Truck

It contains a powerful dynamite motor and is the right option for racing purposes. It has been crafted to provide maximal bashing strength. 

Traxxas Stampede XL-5 Truck

Are you confused about identifying the best product for you? So there is one trick to solve this problem. Simply buy the one that is the best-selling model in the market. Now, you must be curious to know which is the best seller RC truck 4×4? Traxxas Stampede XL-5 Truck is your answer. Its maximum speed and excellent performance make it best-selling RC truck 4×4 off-road.

Holyton Remote Control Car

It offers a reinforced frame structure and oil shock absorbers. It provides high toughness and an excellent grip with all-terrain and anti-slip tires. 

REMO 1621 2.4G 4WD 1/16 RC Truck

It falls under the category of the most affordable RC trucks 4×4. It consists of a powerful and high-quality brushed motor. It is a durable truck and runs for a long time. It offers a first-class responsive controller along with waterproof housing.

Do you want to identify the chief features of these RC trucks?

Battery life: How many options are there for picking out the battery for your radio-controlled truck? There are just two best choices; Ni-Mh or Li-Po. The first one is not much powerful as the second one. 

Durability: If you want to go for the one that may be used for a longer time so that you may not have to buy it over and over again, then you should buy the one with top-quality materials. 

Speed: As RC trucks are associated with speed so must choose the one that offers maximum speed. 


Finding the perfect RC truck 4×4 off-road waterproof can be a hectic job as there are hundreds of versatile options available in the market. We hope that you liked this buying guide and can pick out your required option easily after reading out all the necessary points mentioned above.

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