Car Tyre Maintenance Guide

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Last Updated on March 21, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

The simplest approach to ensure the vehicle’s tyres provide appropriate mileage and performance is to undertake easy, monthly inspections for damage, even tread wear, and proper inflation. Tyres in Cranbourne are designed to provide thousands of miles/kilometres of dependable service.

Tyres must be maintained properly to ensure the optimum benefit and to minimise tyre degradation, resulting in removal from service before the tread depth reaches the minimum level. It is impractical to anticipate the service life of any particular tyre in chronological order due to the significant variation in operating conditions. However, we can always maintain their condition by performing the following:

Maintain An Adequate Air Pressure In The Tyres:

Appropriate inflation pressure is critical for optimal tyre performance, safety, and fuel economy. Remember to check the tyres periodically, at least once a month, with an accurate tyre pressure gauge when they are cool.

Maintain The Required Degree Of Inflation Pressure: The recommended amount is indicated on the vehicle placard or in the owner’s manual for the vehicle. Maintaining optimum inflation pressure is the single most critical thing one can do to extend the life and durability of the tyres. Underinflation is the most common cause of irreversible tyre damage, resulting in significant cracking and subsequent air loss. It decreases load capacity, permits excessive sidewall flexing, and increases rolling resistance, resulting in increased heat generation and mechanical damage. Increased stiffness might result in an unpleasant driving experience and undesirable vehicle vibration. Additionally, it raises the likelihood of impact injury.

Avoid Excessive Tyre Spinning:

When the vehicle becomes stuck in snow, sand, mud, or ice, avoid excessive tyre rotation. This could result in tyre overheating and irreversible damage. To liberate the vehicle, use a gently backward and forward rocking motion. Never stand close or behind a tyre that is spinning rapidly, such as when attempting to push a stuck vehicle or when an on-car spin balance machine is in use.

Examine The Tyres For Signs Of Wear:

Always remove tyres from service when the tread depth reaches 1.6mm. All new tyres come equipped with tread wear indicators, which appear as smooth banks in the tread grooves when they reach the 1.6mm level of wear. Accidents in wet weather can occur due to skidding on bald or nearly bald tyres. Additionally, excessively worn tyres are more prone to punctures.

Check for damage to the tyres:

Inspection of the tyres for signs of damage and their overall condition regularly (at least once a month) is critical for safety. Have them inspected by the tyre dealer or services provider if you have any concerns. Racecourse Tyre and Auto is a trusted tyre and auto services provider in Australia. The company can help check the tyres for knots, penetrations, impacts, cracks, air loss or bulges, and more.

Never to install one’s own tyres:

To put this in other words, never play with tyres. Never mix them up of different sizes. This can lead to an explosion. Serious injury is possible if the tyre combination explodes due to faulty mounting techniques. It is crucial to consider the manufacturer’s directions and match the tyre diameter to the rim diameter when replacing a tyre. Only professionals should mount tyres. Racecourse Tyre and Auto is one of them. Always fit four tyres of the same kind and size specified by the vehicle manufacturer for optimal handling and control.

Avoid overburdening the car:

Consult the vehicle’s owner’s handbook to establish the load restrictions. Overloading the car puts additional strain on the tyres and other vital vehicle components. Additionally, this can result in poor handling, increased fuel consumption, and possible tyre damage. Never replace the vehicle’s tyres with lower load capacity than indicated on the vehicle’s tyre placard, and keep in mind that adequate rim width is critical for proper tyre load distribution and function.

Follow Manufacturer’s Tyre Replacement Guide:

Always consult the vehicle’s owner’s manual and adhere to the manufacturer’s tyre replacement recommendations when replacing a tyre. A change in tyre size or type can substantially affect vehicle handling. Always consult a professional installer to choose the correct clearance, load-carrying capability, and inflation pressure. Tyres sales in Cranbourne may sometimes lure you into saving money and buying all four tyres for your car in cheap. But, the size and manufacturer’s tyre replacement guide should be considered when changing the tyres. 

Your car’s mileage largely depends on the performance of the tyre. A faulty or low-maintained tyre is always a concern of worry as it may explode, get damaged when travelling, lower’s car mileage, and overall make a fun vacation tiring. So, it is better to have them checked and serviced by professionals. If you are located in Cranbourne, Australia, Racecourse Tyre and Auto is one company you can rely on for genuine tyre and care services. Taking care of your tyre is not a big deal if you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and have them inspected by professionals once a month. A poorly maintained tyre or tyres can lead to heavy expenses apart from many road problems.