Cheap Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive

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What are the criteria for evaluating an “expensive” presentable type of kitchen? Exclusively in terms of external parameters: a countertop with a sink, equipment, front part, apron. A cheap kitchen, once bought from standard modules, can be made your own way by making minimal changes and renovating “according to your taste.” We will share a few secrets on how to avoid major repairs and dramatic, costly changes and still get the luxury kitchen of your dreams. 

Change cabinet fittings 

In cheap standard kitchens, there are usually ordinary handles, brackets or buttons. It cheapens the look of kitchen furniture. But you can easily pick up other, more stylish accessories to present it as luxury kitchen. The main thing is to measure the base before buying – the distance between the holes on the facade for attaching the handle.

For a classic kitchen, brass fittings are more suitable – they will make its appearance more noble. And for a modern one, choose a chrome or nickel, laconic design. Ornate and delicate handles look beautiful in Art Deco kitchens.

Another point is a hinged rail for all kinds of kitchen hangers. Many people like it, but if you count the assembly, it is quite expensive. It is much cheaper to buy the longest rail handle with a suitable coating (chrome, nickel) and screw it to the bottom of the wall cabinet

Tidy up the facade to make luxury kitchen

What makes the kitchen cheaper is the slack and pretty shabby facades with obvious traces of time and dirt. Adjust all doors yourself. Change the hinges if necessary – they are inexpensive. Clean and renovate facade, if possible. If the facade is made of enamel, it can be repainted again. Thus, masking existing defects and giving the kitchen a more noble and expensive look.

If restoration is not possible, order new facades directly from the manufacturer, bypassing intermediaries. The cheapest option is laminated chipboard facades. You will be surprised how varied the selection is. There are colour and monochromatic options, with a structured, matte, glossy surface – for any design and taste. 

Make a solid countertop  

Modular kitchens are the cheapest and come with separate countertops. You can connect them through the strips. And you can completely change to a one-piece plastic tabletop. This way you can make a cheap kitchen more expensive, and much more. Moreover, it is quite possible to buy it at a discount from suppliers for a promotion or sale. Make sure to choose thick countertop. It look good even in small kitchens. 

New cheap do-it-yourself kitchen apron 

A stylish apron also enhances the look of the kitchen. You can make an apron with your own hands with minimal effort and investment. It is enough to purchase a decor panel with a plastic coating that is close to the countertop or in contrast.

The decor panel is installed simply, on ordinary self-tapping screws. It is enough to wind the panel slightly behind the lower and upper cabinets and fix it in several places behind the cabinets, and pull the plinth to the wall at the table-top level. The open edge can be hidden with a plastic corner, which is sold for tiles and costs a penny. 

Decoration and details 

To make eating at home even more enjoyable, you need to choose the right kitchen decor.

It is enough to create an original composition in the dining or work area, which will bring fresh notes to the interior. Interesting little things on the table will become a bright detail of the space. Beautiful jars, bottles and boxes can be placed in the work area, on the table or mounted with fasteners on the wall. Good quality tableware can go a long way. An interesting tray with a couple of matching cups on your countertop can make wonders. When decorating a kitchen, make sure that all the details are in the same style or design. 


Backlighting also makes the kitchen look more expensive. To illuminate the work surface, it is enough to buy two fluorescent lamps and connect them in series.

Or take advantage of the opportunities provided by the LED strip. It will look magical on a glass apron!

You can also highlight the upper cabinets – this will already be a decorative technique. For a classic kitchen, a visor with cut-in soffits is more suitable. Just screw on top of a chipboard board along the length of the kitchen. 


We hope that we succeed in our intention to inspire you and show you that the kitchen can look good without investing a lot of money in it. As you can see, there is no need to make repairs and order new furniture – try to save money and simply improve the look of your old kitchen to present it as a luxury kitchen. Just use our advice and a little of imagination and creativity.

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