Choose the Perfect Bedding for Yourself


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We have seen plenty of advertisements on both newspapers and TV channels, talking about and promoting bedding products. Even the popular Indian TV shows show exquisite bedrooms and beddings in them. So, what is actually meant by the term ‘bedding’? Is ‘bedding’ the bed, the mattress, the pillows or all the sleeping products, combined? Well, bedding generally consists of the products that are spread on the mattress. For example, your bed sheets, fancy linen pillowcases, your duvet, quirky throws are part of the bedding. Bedding not only provides comfort to the sleepers but also portrays your taste in aesthetics.

Bedding also aids hygiene, provides warmth, protection and also gives an extra oomph to your bedroom. For example, if you put a mattress protector on your gel memory foam mattress and top it up with a simple sheet and floral pillow shams, then it will become all the more good looking and stylish. These bedding products are available in various shapes and sizes so that you can find your perfect fit. Also, it is very important to change your bedding every seven to ten days. So get your hands on plenty! Here are some tips for you so that you don’t get confused when you buy the perfect bedding for your home —

Go for different stripes

This will allow you to add more colors and structure to your bed and make it look brighter.

Mix and Match several Colours

You can have bright, floral pillows and a simple pastel bed sheet or vice versa for a more regal look. In this case, adding a vibrant, chunky bed throw will enhance the look.

Patterned Blankets

If you keep your bedsheets and pillows simple, then get your hands on a blanket that has patterns on it. You wouldn’t necessarily have to go for the floral ones as there are so many patterns available. Doing this will add more texture to your bedding.

Contrast is Very Important

If you are planning to have a grey bedspread on for a couple of weeks, then make sure your pillows are of contrasting colors. For example, blue pillows will look great with a grey coverlet, so will black and white, brown and yellow, lavender and pastel green.

Do A Pillow Switch

Pillow switching is when you alternate the pillowcases with each other. If you have two sleeping pillows and two deck pillows on your bed, then take one from each of them and put on the same covers on them, and on the other two, put on different covers. Doing this will give a hint of freshness to your bedroom.

Have a Reversible Blanket

Reversible blankets are a must if you want to take your bedroom to the next level. Having these around will not only look cool, but will also be very convenient as you’ll be able to use them on both sides.

Other Things that You Can Do

Have graphic bed sheets and match them with graphic pillowcases. You can also get some solid blankets. Solid blankets are totally worth it and can also be used on the fancy Lawson that you have in your living room. So, do your research and find the best products for yourself.