Choosing The Right Co-ords That Fit Your Style

Choosing The Right Co-ords That Fit Your Style

Last Updated on November 15, 2023 by Asfa Rasheed

Matching your whole outfit is the first rule when planning your day’s fit. Fashion enthusiasts are very meticulous in choosing the right top to complement their bottoms and shoes. They also don’t forget to match their outfit with accessories like bags and pieces of jewelry. Knowing all of these, you now have an idea why it takes a lot of time to prepare when going out.

But there’s a piece of outfit that can lessen your prep time but can still have you looking gorgeous — co-ords. Wearing co-ords can lessen your planning time for outfits just ‘cause they already go together. They’re simple but with the right accessories, they can really level up your fashion game. Here are different types of co-ords that you can choose from.

Skirt co-ords

Skirt co-ords are great if you want to show elegance and femininity. This is because they are mostly body-hugging so you can flaunt your figure when wearing this type of co-ords. This two-piece outfit can look really classy when you partner it with strappy-heeled sandals or the classic stiletto heels.

Skirt co-ords are great to wear at semi-formal parties or even at dinner dates to a fancy restaurant. Though they are mostly seen as something you would wear on a cocktail party, some skirt co-ords can be worn casually. Your best bet for casual skirt co-ords is either printed or ribbed, partnered with your favorite white sneakers.

Accessorizing for skirt co-ords should not be overdone. Depending on your chosen style, you should pick a piece of jewelry that doesn’t overpower your skirt co-ords. Otherwise, it will lose its style. Think minimalistic, especially when you’re wearing printed skirt co-ords.

Shorts co-ords

Short co-ords give off a chic and casual vibe since shorts are usually worn on casual occasions. It’s chic because the matching style of short co-ords gives you that extra preppy style with a hint of femininity. They are best partnered with strappy flat sandals or sneakers.

Short co-ords are mostly worn when strolling to the mall with your friends, a day at the beach or other casual dates. Some ladies though are wearing short-co-ords at the office and they don’t look underdressed. The trick lies with picking the right style of short co-ords and the perfect pair of shoes. If you’re looking into using co-ords at work, best to select a co-ords top that has long sleeves or a blazer. Match this with two to three inches block heels and you’re off to a gorgeous day at the office.

To accessorize your short co-ords, it’s always best to think about the style you’re going for. If you’re going for a casual look, it’s okay to use layered pieces of jewelry, either layered necklaces or stacked bracelets. Although, you never choose both or you’ll over-accessorize. If you’re choosing short co-ords as your office outfit, use minimal accessories to complement your overall style.

Pants co-ords

The last type of co-ords are pants and they are mostly used for either athleisure or as loungewear that is perfect for a chill and casual vibe. Pants co-ords are usually fitting for athleisure and loose for loungewear. Typical matches for footwear on pants co-ords are running shoes or sneakers.

Pants co-ords are usually worn when hanging out or maybe a day out in the park. But there are actually pants co-ords that are not styled as athleisure or loungewear, that’s why it’s also perfect for sporting a chic look. They’re paired with heels or ankle-length boots. Either way, they will definitely look dazzling.

You can actually go with no accessories with athleisure or loungewear type of pants co-ord. But if you must, go for a watch and minimalist necklace for a lazy day. Although, if you want to go extra, you can wear big necklaces to match your casual pants co-ords. For chic style pants co-ords, you can play around with your accessories but remember not to overdo it.

So What Should You Choose?

To be honest, there’s nothing wrong with owning a piece of each style of co-ords. They are sure worth every penny as they are very versatile and can definitely save you time in planning your outfits. Just remember, when you decide on wearing them, do not overdo your accessories and pick the right footwear.

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