How to Connect In a Time of Social Distancing?

How to Connect In a Time of Social Distancing

Last Updated on March 23, 2024 by Saira Farman

The current situation of lock downs and social distancing reduces the connections between friends and relatives. It becomes mandatory for everyone to follow the SOP’s of wearing mask and social distancing to minimize the spread of corona virus. 

However, it does not mean that we stop our social activities, and cut off from friends and relatives. We ‘humans’ are naturally social therefore it is difficult for us to have no connections with each other. Therefore, we have found some incredible ways to continue these activities. 

The world of internet makes these things possible for us. There are various apps, and software, which makes it possible to have virtual meetings and gatherings. 

These are the list of amazing ways to connect with your friends and relatives in a time of social distancing.

  1. Social Media

Social Media is the mostly used platforms for interaction. The top social media apps are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tick tock etc. People normally uses these apps to share their life events, happiness and sad moments, and feelings on these apps. Nevertheless, nowadays its uses increases a lot due to the social distancing. 

Moreover, through these social media apps, you not only stay connected with your friends but you can have access to as many people as you want. The selection is yours who and what you choose to have a better conversation and quality time. 

  1. Video or Audio Calls

If you get bored with the social media apps or you do not want to use it a lot, then there is another way to spend good time with your loved ones. The method is to have a video or audio call with whom you want to have a long conversation. 

The best thing in this method of connecting with friends and relatives is that you can see their faces in a video call. There are various apps, which allows video calling, you just need to have a good smart phone or computer and internet. 

  1. Virtual Events

There are various apps, which make it possible for you to have virtual gatherings with your friends and family such as Zoom, Skype. We should thank the people who create such apps to make our life easier. You can invite your friends in the meeting and can have an audio as well as video meeting. 

Moreover, you can arrange some events or activities on these apps. In addition, there are people and institutions who provide opportunities of enjoyment and learning on these platforms, you can join them and enjoy.

  1. Online Classes or Programs

Technology becomes highly advanced in the current era. It makes everything possible. Various schools, gyms, and organizations started offering digital classes or programs during these Covid-19 situation. Therefore, it becomes easy to continue your previous day routines. You can easily join these classes and can have your routine exercises, lunch or dinner recipes etc. 

Moreover, there are some museums providing virtual tour for the people. You can also enjoy this tour with your friends and relatives virtually. Furthermore, you can have a trivia night with your friends on virtual platform, where you ask your friends some trivia questions about sports, science, movies, history etc. and test their knowledge as well. 

These are the best ways to spend your quality time during this pandemic situation. You can easily connect with your loved ones through digital platforms using these methods. Therefore, keep social distancing physically and connect with your friends virtually. In addition, the best thing during this time is to spend more time with your family. Hence, try to have fun and enjoyment with your parents and siblings at home.