Factors Effecting Purchase in Wholesale Clothing Market

Factors Effecting Purchase in Wholesale Clothing Market

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The garment business is one of the safest businesses to start today because unlike many other things, they would never become obsolete. However, there are several changes in trends which can be dealt with proper business tactics. One should decide on whether to become a retailer selling all types of clothes, that is, for kids, men and women or to become a retailer for particular niche, like women clothing vendors. In both cases the retailer would need to purchase the products to sell from the wholesale clothing vendors. 

Things to remember while purchasing from wholesale markets:

The key elements which should influence the purchase of materials from the wholesale clothing vendors vary according to the type of retailer one aims to be.

Kids clothing vendors

If one wants to sell kids clothing in the retail market, it is very important that he or she chooses to sell good quality products. People always want to give their children the best and therefore, they also tend to shell out more money on those products. The retailers should check that the clothes they purchase are soft, colourful and comfortable. Since clothes which are worn by kids, especially the toddlers, need to be washed multiple times for various reasons, the colour on the clothing should also not fade easily.

 Men clothing vendors

In the adult section, the retailer should aim to strike a balance between the classic and the trendy styles. Formal shirts in white, office blue or small checks and trousers in black and grey are always in demand and therefore should be kept in stock. When it comes to casual clothing, dark wash jeans and basic solid colour t-shirts should also be preferred. Fashion trends, like that of ripped jeans, should also be attended to since there are a lot who choose to be trendy in their looks. The retailer should choose to keep products with a wide range of prices to cater to a larger customer base. The price range also depends on where the shop is and what sort of people tend to buy things from that area. 

 Women clothing vendors

Women in comparison to men have a large variety of clothing available to them. Therefore, the retailers should focus on what sort of clothing he or she wants to sell depending on capital, location and other important influential factors. The number of professionally working women has increased a lot and hence modern clothing has also changed considerably. A large chunk of women prefer to wear trousers rather than traditional dresses for women. Here also the retailer should aim to buy things in balance. Be it formal or informal, classic or trendy. The quality and price range of products are also equally important.

In all the three types of purchase, bargaining plays a key role in determining the profit the retailer would make after selling the products because there is always a limitation on the price one can charge from the final purchaser.

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