Crypto and Blockchain: What Are Their Main Trends in 2023?

Crypto and Blockchain: What Are Their Main Trends in 2022?

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Since the era of the Web2 Internet is coming to its logical conclusion, the Web3 epoch is going as a replacement. NFTs, DeFi applications, GameFi, DAOs, and other trends are marking the beginning of global change.

The experts at Rosloto attempted to predict the few years of the crypto market. The main focus is made on the backbone of the technology — Blockchain. Its roots seem to be reaching far and wide, from stock exchange to gambling entertainment.

Alignment of Traditional Financial Representatives

Fiat money as we know it now is going to extinct. This will not be a matter of a year or even a decade. Traditional financial representatives are slowly getting ready to adapt their projects to digital assets.

For example, a world-renowned Circle Yield platform, exchange traders, and various subnets on Avalanche are already altering the institutional and common understanding of the financial world.

GameFi Breakthrough

The modern crypto market already witnesses a colossal investment rate in video games. It is expected to have a massive AAA title being released by the end of 2022 that will be holding a brand-new genre — GameFi.

Top 5 most promising projects (and dedicated currency):

  • Decentraland (MANA);
  • The Sandbox (SAND);
  • Axie Infinity (AXS);
  • Enjin Coin;
  • Gala.

This type of entertainment involves participating in certain in-game activities and earning cryptocurrency or non-fungible tokens. Once players realise that they can make money in their favourite game, GameFi will be unstoppable.

Clear Definition of Decentralised Finance

The cryptocurrency market is expecting a world-scale revolution in the field of finance. Digital money has to be clarified on the legislative level, especially in regions associated with quickly changing payment systems.

Operating credit unions and financial organisations will have to learn to work with cryptocurrencies and deliver them to people. Luckily, there will be more opportunities for this. As a result, regulators will perceive the simplicity of working within decentralised finance (DeFi), using all the benefits of regular security.

Widely Spread Crypto Casinos

The opportunities for decentralised currencies are crawling in all possible directions. The online gambling industry became a regular consumer of tech and software innovations introduced by a newly-emerged sphere. As a result, assistant companies began offering a Bitcoin casino solution — a ready-made project that accepts crypto as a payment method.

Main advantages of running a gaming business with decentralised currency:

  1. No need for licensing. A project is registered only for purposes to make players trust more (that is usually beneficial). But there is currently no direct obligation to licence such a business due to the decentralisation of monetary assets.
  2. Numerous perks for players. The essence of a crypto platform induces to generate huge audiences around it. The anonymity of transactions, instant deliveries, and maximum protection are the key qualities of such projects.
  3. Fast speed of crypto expansion. The more people own Bitcoin or other tokens, the higher the chance of converting them into players. Since the popularity of decentralised money and Blockchain rises extremely fast, the potential audience expands as well.

Growing NFT Interest among Hollywood Stars

Progressive people quickly understand the beneficial nature of modern trends. This is why a lot of Hollywood celebrities are increasingly showing much interest in non-fungible tokens.

Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria, Ozzy Osbourne and many others already use crypto to interact with their fans, raise money for charities, and host exclusive shows. This is another sphere where we can expect not just a regular demand for NFTs, but their incredibly creative and practical implementations.

Active Usage of Crypto by Athletic Clubs

Among the biggest consumers of NFTs are European football teams. It has already become one of the vastest 2022 trends. PSG, for example, actively promotes its leading investor, and a lot of its players have been noticed using NFTs in everyday life.

A few clubs have even launched their virtual collections. Their popularity is not as high as could have been expected. But as more fans become acquainted with Blockchain, and other teams perceive the power of crypto, the demand will skyrocket.

Eradicating the Informational Gap about Decentralised Currency

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, understanding all ins and outs of crypto trends is essential. To ensure a regular inflow of relevant information and implement it in the project, it is beneficial to cooperate with a professional guide company Rosloto. The organisation mainly focuses on gambling solutions and can help set up functional casino platforms or similar projects according to the latest trends.

More information on the cooperation can be found via:

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