Debunking few common myths about the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Industry

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Hospitality and tourism is a vast industry that has various segments. This multibillion-dollar industry comprises several components of the service industry, ranging from food and beverage service to convention and events. Despite that, many students wishing to start a career in hospitality and tourism are still in a dilemma due to some untrue statements surrounding the industry. In this blog, we will help you make a well-informed decision by busting some common myths about the hospitality and tourism industry.

Hospitality and tourism jobs are like never-ending vacations

Many candidates often assume that hospitality and tourism industry jobs are like never-ending vacations where you can travel and chill. Frankly, it is one of the most dynamic and competitive industries with several significant competitors. Thus, this ever-changing industry prefers professionals with cut-throat skillsets and far-reaching work ethics.

Hospitality is synonymous with hospitals

Individuals often confuse hospitality with hospitals. While they may sound similar, there is a very thick line between their meanings. Yes, it is a fact that hospitals offer some form of hospitality, such as beds and food to patients. Still, they are very different because hospitality caters to people who choose it for luxury, comfort, and entertainment, while the hospital is enforced hospitality on patients.

Hospitality and tourism have odd working hours

While it’s a fact that the hospitality and tourism industry runs 24X7 across the year, the working hours totally depend upon the nature of your job. Suppose you’re working in a customer-facing role. The chances are high that you will start early and finish late at night. Interestingly, some enticing positions in hospitality and tourism offer high salaries, fixed working hours, mandatory offs, and incredible work-life balance.

You’ll be able to travel all the time

Many candidates seek hospitality and tourism careers as they have misconceptions about travel. Aspirants think that they will get opportunities to travel across the world all the time. But, this statement is entirely baseless. You will definitely get opportunities to work across the globe, but only if the nature of your job allows. In fact, Flight Attendants enjoy the perks of traveling all the time as their job is all about traveling the whole day serving people on the flights.

Hospitality and tourism jobs pay less

You may have heard that hospitality and tourism jobs are less paying, but we would again put this misconception to bed. If truth be told, the average salary in the hospitality and tourism sector is relatively lower than all other occupations due to the discrepancies between the entry-level and executive management-level jobs. However, less salary provision is not standard for all positions, and exceptions do exist in this field.

That’s not all. When researching this industry, you will encounter many common myths, such as offering maximum discounts to people can boost bookings, technology will replace humans, or reviews are not crucial in this sector. Now that you have learned about the facts, consider top Canadian colleges to pursue competitive hospitality and tourism courses.