Desiccant, Why it is Important?

Desiccant, Why it is Important?

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Desiccant is a hygroscopic substance that is used to keep products dry and stable. And desiccant is much more helpful as it absorbs moisture from the air either by physical adsorption or chemical reaction. Desiccant is mainly used in pharmaceutical products; different types of material are used to make desiccant files like to create the moisture for the product, such as sorption, silica gel and this silica gel is used for pharmaceutical products. It is an example of physical adsorption, with that clay and molecular sieves are also used in pharmaceutical products. 

Silica gel

Silica gel is nothing but only a form of silica with a larger surface area, and Silica gel works well at ambient temperature. Still, it decreased the adsorption rate when it came to higher temporary. If can dry the silica get at 110 degrees C, it can altogether remove the moisture.


Clay primarily have composition like silica and aluminum oxide, and magnesium oxide. Clay works best on normal ambient temperature, but when it is more than 55degree C, it starts giving moisture rather than reducing it. Clay is most effective and desiccant from the price point, but the only problem with it is it works best at low temperatures. 

Why desiccant is important

Desiccant is mainly used in pharmaceutical products as it is designed to absorb moisture from the product as it needs to keep for a little more extended period, and most importantly, the desiccant is used for 

Desiccants let your product stay on the shelf for a long.

Desiccant packing products are safe from danger. Pharmaceutical products need to be kept on a short, safe side it can easily be damaged and harmed by Water and humidity. Also, if products are desiccant covered, it is more in a side that it may not return to the manufacturer and can keep the products to a more extended period from the date of manufacturer of the products. 

Desiccant allows using the high-quality packing material 

Pharmaceutical products have different guidelines for packing the products as it impacts the health and it can harm your health if it is not covered and sealed correctly. Hence, the desiccant manufacturer has to follow the packing guidelines, so be the safe side they used desiccant products. And as desiccants like silica gels, including white and blue silica gel. Which will give moisture-free packaging services to the pharmacy products. 

Desiccants are also helpful in Food Industry. 

Desiccants are used in the food industry because it is helpful to keep the food fresh for a more extended period. Silica gel is used mainly in the food industry because it has clearing agents within it essential oils, refreshments, liquors, and non-alcoholic drinks, which make the glass safer to consume. Desiccant manufacturers are used different silica gels to prevent food and drink for a longer time. 

The food industry had the driest and drinkable products, so the desiccant manufacturer used desiccant to cover the food safe and damage-free. 


Desiccant is essential to keep the product dry and primarily used in the medical and food industry as the products used in both sectors are needed to take more care. The product needs to keep for a longer time, so different desiccants are used to protect the products. Still, silicone gel is most important for medical products. Desiccant manufacture mainly uses the silicone gel desiccant to cover the medical products so letter products will be damage-free and safer. 

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