What is the Difference between Mattress under 200 a Mattress above 500?


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Shopping for the mattress can be very stressful. You can never be sure about what you want and how much you should spend on the mattress. There is always a lot of confusion associated with this purchase of affordable and an expensive mattress. A poorly designed mattress can give you a backache, but it does not necessarily mean that an expensive mattress would offer you a sound sleep. Well, we receive a lot of queries from the readers who wish to know the difference between a cheap and an expensive mattress.

So, for the comparison, we will tell you the difference between the mattress priced below $200 and mattresses priced above $500. So, let us look at this pointwise comparison of these two grades of mattresses.

  • Comfort – Comfort is what we look for when we buy a mattress. It can be subjective, and it varies from person to person. One person may find a mattress comfortable while others might find it unusable. It can differ mainly because of stiffness. We can’t say that the cheaper mattress would not be comfortable. However, we can surely comment on the probability of finding a comfortable mattress is a lot higher when you are investing over $500. So, you can start looking for a mattress with a lower price point and move to pricey options if you do not like the affordable ones.
  • Durability – Both affordable and expensive mattress can easily last over ten years. The expensive mattresses would certainly use quality material compared with the mattress that is retailing below $200. There will also be a lot of difference in the quality of the material. We will talk about the material later, but you will notice a lot of differences in the stitching as well. With the cheaper mattress, you can expect the stitching to get damaged with time. The same seam will remain intact if you opt for a luxury mattress. Moreover, cheap options may quickly develop deformations after short-term usage. You will not experience such an issue with the expensive ones.
  • Mattress Cover – Fabric is used as a top layer of the mattress. Now, the fact is that the fabric can vary in quality. With the mattress priced below $200, you can expect lower quality fabric whereas you can expect some high quality, soft cloth on the mattress that are priced above $500. The expensive mattress may even have the spill-resistant cover, which will stop the liquid from damaging the mattress. Some of the costly options may come with a washable mattress cover.
  • Material Used – We can assure you that there will be a lot of difference between the material used qualities. In the cheap mattresses, the brand may fill the compartments with low-quality cotton. However, in the expensive ones, you can get options for the wool. Moreover, you will also notice a difference between the qualities of the foam.
  • Warranty – Warranty is undoubtedly an essential factor when you are buying a mattress. You want yourself covered in case the mattress gets damaged. Well, to be a little clear, you must expect a lower duration warranty with the mattresses priced below $200. The warranty applicable may be less than a year. With the expensive mattresses, you can easily expect the warranty to go up to 5 years. Some of the brands also offer a ten-year warranty. This factor itself serves as a differentiating factor between the qualities of the two segments. If you wish to use the mattress for a long time, we would recommend you opt for something over $500.
  • Customer Service – It feels the worst when a brand abandons you after selling you a product. You feel cheated, and you vow never to buy something from the same brand. Well, the expensive mattress does not guarantee good customer service, but you are most likely to encounter reliable customer support when you are buying a costly mattress. It might not be the case while buying the mattress $200. Many people may disagree with us, but this is a general notion that the customers have.
  • Free Nights – Getting free nights on a mattress is undoubtedly a blessing. You can test your mattress in the long term, and this way, you can be sure that the mattress purchased by you will make you feel comfortable. It is usual for the brands to give you free nights when you are buying an expensive mattress. Whereas, it might just be a dream while purchasing an affordable mattress. You will most of the time not get free nights or replacement policy with the mattresses priced below $200.

So, these are the differences between an affordable and an expensive mattress. More than the price point, you should look at the comfort that it offers you. We can assure you that you will be able to find a comfortable mattress in your budget. Just be clear about your requirements and buy the mattress accordingly. Remember that the soft mattress may not always be right for you, as many people prefer a hard mattress for optimal support.

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