Different Materials To Use For A Kitchen Benchtop?

Different Materials To Use For A Kitchen Benchtop?
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Last Updated on April 28, 2024 by Umer Malik

As we are pacing forward, introducing contemporary interior design ideas has just flooded the market. For the overall décor of your home, especially the kitchens, a varied assortment of materials from firms like Uniq Stone are accessible. These materials add beauty to your spaces and make them more elegant kitchen benchtops in Adelaide.

Many designs and decor options are available to give your kitchen benchtops in Adelaide a new modular look. Such materialistic add-ons can be an excellent option to redesign your old and basic cooking spaces. You can go for these selections to add a pinch of innovation and newness.


The stones’ brilliance, like granite or marble, is that almost every slab is distinct because it is a biomaterial. Although marble is famous among passionate cooks because it is ideal for rolling out dough, it is readily damaged by red wine, coffee, vinegar, spices, and water.

Granite benchtops are less porous, rendering them highly stain- and tear, and also available in a wide variety of colours to choose from. Gloss or matt finishes are available for marble and stone benchtops, and it’s better to visit the warehouse and select the slab you want so you know precisely what you’re receiving. Availability of services from premium companies such as Uniq Stone can also be a good option.


Stainless steel is utilized in restaurant kitchens because it is highly durable and hygienic. Splashbacks and basins can be fully integrated, leaving no crevices for nasties to hide in, and elevated, sturdier steel worktops can be re-polished, giving them the appearance of a completely fresh benchtop.

Also, kitchen benchtops in Adelaide can be a decent pick for your cooking areas. It can be the best buy that will last long and stay the same for years.


Concrete worktops are made and poured on-site, and due to their weight, solutions were added, structural work may be needed for support. They do, however, offer a tremendous raw finish and can also be heated. Concrete benchtops must also be sealed before use, and finishes range from rough to sophisticated and have the ability to tint the mix.


Benchtops are made through one solid piece of wood or laminated pieces of wood. Timber benchtops must be finished before use, and oiled surfaces will absorb spills. Bamboo benchtops are becoming increasingly popular in the woodworking industry. The great advantage is that you’ll have it refinished every handful of years to erase any scratches, and the countertop will seem brand new.


Moulded stone is made up of crushed quartz and resin and comes in a range of colours and textures. So that cut edges aren’t scraped and damaged by pots and pans.


Apart from the types mentioned above of materials, there can be a vast variety of materialistic forms. Such can be integrated into your kitchen areas to give them a minimalistic chic look by availing of the services of Uniq Stone. This will enhance the ambience of the space and make it classier.

You can incorporate various kitchen benchtops Adelaide picks where you can get a range of materials and elements that fits well in your price segment and goes just best with your kitchen.

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