5 Materials Every Architect Should Aware of

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Last Updated on July 21, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Every architect designs according to the materials available. Although there are some websites like Civil Mart that has all the construction material available there are some architects who might not know some construction materials. We are living in an era where technology and Science is advancing everyday. But for an architecture construction material is the main source of creating designs. Some architects might be aware about all the materials of construction but some might not be aware of it. So we bring you 5 materials which you might not be aware about even if you are an architect. Read on to know more:

1) Bamboo

Bamboos have been used for construction since ancient times and also in recent times it’s demand has been increased due to its popularity. If you are an architect you might definitely come across this equipment(bamboo). Studies say that bamboo is most suitable for construction equipment that outnumbers wood, bricks and even concrete. In recent times bamboos are used to construct some ancient yet modern buildings. You might have seen many fancy restaurants constructed with bamboo to give you some ancient vibes. As bamboo is getting popular day by day, every architect must know how to construct building structures with bamboo. It is the strongest construction material.

2) Adobe(Sustainable Material)

Adobe is a material that is made by mixing clay, straw, earth and other organic substances. Basically, it is made in the form of brick and after it is made in the form of brick it is dried in the open air. Although when it is exposed in the wet atmosphere it can be damaged so deep waves are used in adobe bricks. It is used as brick in many buildings, so while you are planning to construct a building you have to know how you can use adobe bricks in particular places where it isn’t damaged but still it’s usefulness remains the same as usual bricks. Moreover, adobe bricks are also modern construction sustainable materials.

3) Cross Laminated Timber:

The construction materials are getting modernised everyday. Cross-Laminated Timber(CLT) is the most modernised construction material that is known to almost all the architectures. It is made with wood and it sawned, layered, glued with wood as planks. Each of its structures is made perpendicular to the previous thin layered structure for integrity. Moreover it is suitable for walls, furniture, floors etc. Did you know CLT is ideal material for many of or we can say almost all type of architecture designs. It is not cheap to get but it is sustainable for rapid growth of construction and renewability of materials. CLT is one of the best construction material.

4) Rammed Earth:

Did you know the oldest method of construction? Rammed earth is the oldest method of construction that is known to architects. It is made by pressing together the layers of aggregate, sand,  gravel, a small amount of clay and silt. It is said that rammed earth is a construction material that has been available easily since ancient times. Although it requires a strong amount of labour to achieve it’s forming work, it is also used by architects to make materials on site. It can be used in any type of construction like walls, floors, constructing basic foundations of buildings etc. Rammed earth is the best and oldest form of construction material considered by architects.

5) Ferrock:

Did you ferrock is a construction material made with dust of waste steel and silica of ground up glass which is mixed and reacted with carbon dioxide? Ferrock is the construction material that many of us might not know about. But it is developed as a substitute for concrete. Whenever concrete isn’t available, ferrock is used. It is believed that ferrock cannot be used for building on a large scale, but it is one of the construction materials that is flexible and strong which can be used in small-scale building. It is better than Portland Cement. It can be used for construction in a similar way as other construction materials.

These are some materials that are used by architects around the world. Although some of you might be aware about it, some of these materials are used in modern ways of constructing.

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