6 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Tanzanite Engagement Rings

6 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Tanzanite Engagement Rings

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Recently, lots of gemstones have stood up as rivals to diamonds when it comes to engagement rings. Instead of blindly following the old-school tradition of getting a diamond ring, the youth is now actively exploring and opting for other options as well.

Amongst these new gemstones that have flooded the market, Tanzanite is getting massive attention. And we ought to say: for all the right reasons!

Tanzanite engagement rings are not only exquisite in terms of beauty. But these are also exquisite in terms of their impact, life, and value.

Allow us to help you familiarize yourself with each aspect in detail.

1. It’s elegant.

As mentioned earlier, Tanzanite is one elegant stone. It has a trichroic nature, which means it broadly reflects a variety of colors. The shades it reflects range mainly from light blues to indigos and violets to lilacs. If you don’t find yourself well-aware of color shades, know that the tanzanite colors range within the domain of purple. It may even appear royal blue under daylight.

Apart from its elegant colors, Tanzanite also features sharpness with its clarity and cuts. Along with being elegant and diverse, it’s also super sophisticated!

2. It’s rare.

Tanzanite happens to be amongst the rarest of stones on planet Earth. It originated in Tanzania in 1967.

Usually, it’s acquired from the foothills of Kilimanjaro mount. However, since its supply is super limited and becoming even more rare day by day. Owing to its uniqueness, we also know it as the gem of a generation.

If you’re wondering what makes its existence a unique occurrence, allow us to explain its formation a bit. The heat, pressure, and mineral conditions required for the formation of Tanzanite happen to be quite too rare.

3. It symbolizes higher consciousness.

Every gemstone represents something. Some gemstones are associated with good luck and some with joy.

Tanzanite represents higher consciousness. Stones experts believe that the Tanzanite holds mythical attributes. They believe it can serve as a guide to the bearer or unlock the bearer’s third eye. Tanzanite is associated with spirituality and inner consciousness.

Some positive values and attributes include optimism, prosperity, stability in the future, and content life ahead.

4. It’s easy to pair.

Tanzanite engagement rings reflect a bunch of shades. Each of these shades happens to be cool and light in nature. Even the deep violet and indigos of the Tanzanite stone feel cool at a glance.

Consequently, these stones are easier to pair with other cool-shade stones and metals like Gold, Silver, and platinum. It looks good with ochre or light bluish stones such as diamonds. So, it’s easy to pair with most stones and metals. However, pairing them with dark, deeper ruby or emerald makes no sense.

5. It’s economical.

Unlike diamonds, Tanzanite will not cost you half of the amount in your bank. Instead, one-tenth of diamond per carat. On average, a tanzanite stone costs anywhere between $300-$600 per carat. And its low price is because of its scarcity. Plus, it’s not as popular as diamond as of yet. Hence, the price.

Its price mainly depends on its originality, cut, clarity, and finesse. If you opt for small tanzanite stones balanced on the metal band, you’re cutting down the costs even more. In terms of engagement rings, central big stones cost the most.

6. Its value keeps on increasing.

Apart from being easy on your pocket, Tanzanite is a promising investment. The beauty of the gemstone is getting much attention, and it will contribute to its increasing value.

What’s more, geologists expect that the Tanzanite mines will run out of Tanzanite real soon. Perhaps, in the coming years, it will vanish altogether. However, the value of the stone will continue to rise.

There’ll come a time when the rings will be passed on from one generation to another. We expect this time to be an absolute spike in the economic benefits of Tanzanite.

Final Thoughts

Summing up, Tanzanite is an absolute beauty, when it comes to engagement rings. It’s the perfect pick for yourself or your significant other to mark your new beginnings. It’s soothing, spiritual, and undeniably special!