Different Types Of Solar Water Heaters You Should Know Of!

Different Types Of Solar Water Heaters You Should Know Of!
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We use hot water every day at home. We need hot water to take a shower, do our dishes, do the laundry, etc. Solar water heaters are also called solar hot water. Solar water heating systems use the sun’s energy to heat the water in your home

It substitutes conventional and trendy water heating systems like gas water heaters, tankless coil water heaters, heat pump water heaters, and electric water heaters. This article will discuss the several types of solar water heaters you should know of.

Thermosiphon systems:

An absorber surface heats an antifreeze fluid or water like glycol. A process of natural convection increases the water or fluid from the collector panel to the storage tank. The movement of fluid and transfer of heat rises because the whole temperature of the system rises as there is no pump necessary. 

You must know that a thermosiphon is an excellent option when it comes to high levels of solar radiation in regions all around the year. Look for Hot Water Heroes on the web for more details.   

Direct-circulation systems:

When the collectors absorb most of the sunlight during daylight hours, the water is pumped to the collectors from the storage tanks. Direct-circulation systems are freeze-resistant because of their re-circulating hot water from the storage tank. 

By flushing down the collectors, you can achieve alternative freeze protection through the system and back to the storage tank. Direct-circulation systems are more efficient while handling lower temperatures where freezing temperatures are not quite frequent. This system needs more energy for the electric pump to run.  

Drain-down systems:

Drain-down system is an indirect water heating system. Drain-down solar water heaters circulate the treated and untreated water through a closed loop. The heat is transferred through a heat exchange system to portable water. 

Gravity evacuates the system to steer clear of convention and freezing loops during non-daylight hours that can cool the stored hot water in the storage tank. As we mentioned above, the solar hot water Sunshine Coast or solar water heaters are suitable for locations with high daylight solar radiation levels.  

Indirect water-heating systems:

Indirect water heating systems can circulate freeze protection fluid via a closed-loop making it the most efficient of all solar water heaters. In the storage tank, the heat exchanger moves the thermal energy to water with the maximum percentage of efficiency level. 

An electric water pump is required for circulation for most of these systems while typically, the drawn power is proportionally minimal. You can search for solar hot water Sunshine Coast.    


With that, we have concluded this article. We hope we could help you with the several types of solar water heaters you should know of that we mentioned above after thorough research for you. 

We have been using solar energy to heat water for centuries now. Since the 1980s, solar hot water companies have started to make solar hot water a viable choice for homeowners in the United States.