Is Your Solar Heater Working Properly? Tips To Ensure Longevity

Is Your Solar Heater Working Properly? Tips To Ensure Longevity
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We all need warm water for various reasons, and most of us have geysers or heaters installed in our houses. However, many people adopt the eco-friendly way for this that saves electricity.

The way is to install solar water heaters for water heating purposes.. MCM plumbing is a local expert specializing in Gold Coast commercial plumbing.

Like every other mechanical product, you may face some issues with your solar heaters. The problems usually faced by customers are as follows:

  1. Water not heating correctly
  2. Fluid leakage
  3. Panels working inefficiently
  4. Corrosion of metal parts

For better functioning and longevity of your solar heater, consider the following tips

Regular Checks for Leakage

Pipes should be checked periodically for any breakage that leads to leakage. Wires must be properly insulated and never left loosely.

Dry Out Heaters

Heaters, when not in use, should be dried out. This is to avoid corrosion and rusting of heaters by exposing the least amount of moisture to them.

Contact Your Plumber

Call your plumber once every two or three years to get your heaters checked professionally. You can contact any plumbing company such as MCM plumbing, Waterloo plumbing, or SV Roofing.

Paint metal articles

Painting the exposed metal parts of your solar hot water in Gold Coast heaters periodically stops or delays corrosion and rusting. Not just this, but it also looks aesthetically pleasing and is nice to look at.

Shading of solar collector

The part that absorbs sunlight to convert its energy is called the solar collector. Sometimes, the solar collector is shaded by some element and cannot receive proper sunlight and works inefficiently. Even if you live in an area that is usually sunny, like Gold Coast, if your collector is shaded, it won’t be able to work efficiently and properly.

Vegetation growth and dust

Vegetation can grow near the solar collectors, which results in a blockage of sunlight. Thus, it should be cleared for collectors to work to their full capacity. Dust also plays a similar role and should be cleaned regularly off the collectors.

Heat transfer fluid

Solar heaters use heat transfer fluid such as Propylene glycol in solar heat collectors. This should be changed or replaced periodically to avoid scale deposits in the collector.

The Bottom Line 

As the famous saying goes, precaution is better than cure. It would be best if you also took the precautions mentioned above for your heaters to work at full capacity and their longevity. Don’t be afraid to call your local plumber, such as MCM plumbing, for occasional checks. Solar heaters are of low maintenance, but it is smart to take care of them. Remember that you can live in a sunny city such as Gold Coast, and still, your solar collectors can malfunction. This malfunction is usually due to the blockage of sunlight and can be avoided with a few precautions.