Domestic Vs. International Adoption In Georgia | Which One’s Better For You?

International Adoption In Georgia

It is very easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to adopting a child. But as soon as you decide to adopt, you have to make several choices including whether to reach out to domestic or international adoption agencies in Georgia. To help you with the decision, we have shortlisted some of the factors that are essential to consider.


Every adoption process has its requirements including, the type of adoption you choose and the laws and regulations of the state/country. When you are pursuing domestic adoption, you have to fulfill the requirements valid in that state including the minimum age needed to adopt. Whereas, with international adoption the requirements are more strict. These can include marriage requirements and maximum age.

So, which one will be easier? It depends on the requirements of each case. Consult an adoption attorney to select an appropriate process.


Typically, the cost charged by adoption agencies in Atlanta for both the adoptions is similar. However, they both include some unique costs. For instance, with domestic adoption, the adoptive parents do not have to spend on visas. Similarly, in international adoption, the prospective parents do not have to pay for the living expenses of the birth mother, as in some cases of domestic adoption.

The parents adopting internationally should consider the traveling expenses, as it is one of the major costs in the process. These expenses can be unpredictable, so carefully research the traveling requirements of the specific country.

On the other hand, adoption lawyers recommend the parents with domestic adoption to get ready for expenses on birth mother. They may have to go to the mother’s location when the baby is born and stay there until discharged from the hospital.

Wait Times

The time required for the complete adoption process varies with different factors. For domestic adoption, the process depends on the efforts of the professional you chose. The professionals like Tom Tebeau ensure that the process is completed quickly so you can start your family as soon as possible. The other factor that affects the wait time for domestic adoption includes, flexibility of the adoptive parent/s. The more open a family is to certain situations, the less time they will have to wait.

International adoption depends on various factors as well, including the family’s plan and the current relation of your country with the one you are adopting from. Now, these relations can change quickly, so the wait times are unpredictable and longer for international adoption.

Child’s Age

Before starting the process, make sure to decide how important adopting an infant is for you. Domestic adoption is your only choice if you want to adopt a newborn baby. But, if you are determined to go for international adoption, you have to adopt a toddler or an older infant.

These are some of the factors that affect the decision of adoptive parents whether to choose domestic or international adoption agencies in Georgia. If you are looking to adopt, choose the one that is close to your requirements.

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