Effect Of Automation On The Job Market

Effect Of Automation On The Job Market

Last Updated on August 17, 2022 by rida

Automation and robotics are some of the most significant science and engineering contributions in current times. The ability to use man and machine in harmony to improve productivity will help us build our future. 

However, there are a lot of discussions regarding the effect of automation on jobs, as machines are replacing humans. Will there be a time when all humans won’t be required anymore? 

We will look into this article and understand how automation companies like Fanuc are giving back more to society than before. 

Benefits of Automation:

Let’s understand the positive effects automation and robotics can have on the manufacturing industry. Following are some of the essential benefits, 

  1. Reduced operational costs – Machines only cost while buying and setting up, but the running costs are meager. They are also built to have a long life without the chance of getting damaged, which is good from a cost perspective. 
  1. Worker safety – Using machines reduces the chances of human error, which can occur while working with heavy goods or hazardous elements. Machines ensure that the workers have a healthy work environment without any casualties. 
  1. Higher productivity – Automation reduces human error and can work all around the clock. This plays a massive role in almost doubling productivity instead of using the human workforce. 
  1. Reduce factory space wastage – Machines and robots have a fixed amount of mobility as set by the manufacturer, so they can be placed close to each other while effectively using up the factory floor. 

How is Automation Affecting workers?

Some jobs are easily automatable, and some jobs require human intervention. As jobs like those of menial laborers and factory workers are reduced, more jobs are opening up in the maintenance and repair section. Robots and cranes can do all the work of lifting and assembling, but it is upon humans to repair them when they get damaged. Also, there are jobs related to programming, monitoring, and controlling the robots at higher levels that require particular skill sets. 

Also, automation is creating more jobs than they are eliminating; automation is helping industries to meet the needs of the consumers. Since the population is increasing and their demands skyrocketing, industries are branching out and expanding their setup, thus hiring more people for maintenance and monitoring purposes.  

If we look at the bigger picture, then jobs are getting created, maybe not in the same sectors that they used to be, but vacancies are still there. And the required skills can be easily learned by the workers to contribute productively to the company. Automated Solutions Australia is providing people with knowledge along with automation-related jobs. 


Automation has a lot of positive effects on the job market compared to its negative effects. Some jobs are getting eliminated, but many more other job opportunities are replacing them. Sectors such as maintenance and controlling are booming with lucrative job offers that have minimal skills. However, when confused, always reach out to professionals like Fanuc.