Air Conditioning Guide For The Modern Household

Air Conditioning Guide For The Modern Household
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Regulating indoor temperature is very important, especially in hot and humid regions like Adelaide. There are different solutions that make sure that the indoor air quality remains healthy. Thompson Air is a major provider of air conditioning solutions that are constantly working towards finding efficient ways of air conditioning in Adelaide.  

Air conditioning devices are an integral part of any home and depending on the needs, they can be operated throughout the year. In this article, we will be getting to know about the different air conditioning systems and which is suitable for which scenario. 

Air Conditioning Systems for your Home:

As discussed above there are a lot of air conditioning setups suitable for home uses. The main types are as follows, 

  1. Central air conditioning – If there are multiple rooms that you want to keep cool simultaneously then using a central air conditioning system is the best. These provide faster cooling and better regulation than traditional air conditioners. However these have bulky outdoor units which are costly to run and maintain, so these are suited for big houses or workplaces. 
  1. Ductless air conditioning – These are the most popularly used split AC that we find in most households. They are efficient, provide effective cooling, and are small in size, so can be installed easily within a room. These are ductless, so they are easy to install as the indoor and outdoor units can be connected by pipes running through a hole in the wall. However, it is visible to the eye so can be unpleasant to some homeowners. 

Floor mounted AC

  1. These are similar to ductless split AC but the indoor unit is fixed on the floor. It helps in faster cooling as it blows out cool air on the floor. However, it can take up a lot of floor space, and also since the cold air comes at our level it can be harmful to people having problems regarding direct exposure to cold air. 
  1. Window AC – As the name suggests a window AC is fitted on the windows and unlike split ACs they only have one unit consisting of the air handler and the compressor. They are excellent at cooling up small spaces effectively and are easy to maintain since they are within hand’s reach. But the problem with them is that they can get noisy because of the compressor unit and it is not suitable for rooms that are meant for studying or sleeping. 
  1. Geothermal air conditioner – This is a relatively newer air conditioning system that has its origin from Egyptian times when houses were cooled down by passing cold water through double-layered walls. This air conditioning system consists of a layer of pipe planted deep in the earth through which water is circulated into the walls for temperature regulation. 


All these air conditioning solutions are suitable for one scenario or the other and it completely depends on your requirements. Air conditioning solutions available in Adelaide can provide all these forms of cooling to ensure your year-round comfort.   

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