Why Are Vertical Blinds Best For Indoor Use?

Why Are Vertical Blinds Best For Indoor Use?
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Decorating a room can be very difficult and confusing. The room’s entire mood depends on its decor, and one wrong decision can entirely make or break the decor. As we know, natural illumination is essential for any room and similarly blocking them when needed is also essential. 

This is why blinds or curtains are so important; they control the amount of light entering the room, but they also provide much-needed privacy to a room. If you are decorating your house, Bravo Blinds is a trusted supplier of different kinds of blinds that will go with your interior decor. 

In this article, we will be seeing the benefits of using vertical blinds and will be looking at the suitable places for using them?

Uses of Vertical Blinds:

Vertical blinds are mostly used in commercial places like offices and meeting rooms, but they are also great in private places for the following reasons, 

  1. Illumination Control – Vertical blinds allow the inhabitants to control the angle of the vertical strips. When they are completely flat to the wall, no light enters, and when they are perpendicular to the wall, all the light enters the room. Vertical Blinds, Perth provides blinds whose angle can be controlled via remote control for ease of use. 
  1. Privacy – With light, the level of privacy can also be controlled. To maintain privacy having blinds with broader panels are better as there are fewer gaps and almost no light enters through the blind. 
  1. Insulation – When fully closed, the panels overlap one another partially. This ensures a better seal from the outer climate. This prevents any form of breeze to enter the room and is far more effective than horizontal blinds in this aspect. 
  1. Elegant Appearance – Just like curtains, blinds can also come in different colors and designs, which will go with the rest of the room. They also provide an exquisite touch because people normally see them at corporate places, and seeing them at home is very classy. 

Where Can They Be Used?

Vertical blinds are a great way of blocking out sun rays during the hot summer months. Also, its ability to control the amount of light entering the room makes it ideal for almost every part of the house. 

Living rooms are a place where a lot of open windows are present to let in light, but during the summer months, vertical blinds provide the much-needed coolness in the living rooms. The blinds are also heavy, so they do not float in the air when there is a breeze, thus keeping the interiors clean. 

These can also be used in the bathroom to provide much-needed privacy if there is no significant separation between the bathing area and the toilet. Vertical blinds also come in water-resistant materials, ideal for these uses.   


Vertical blinds in Perth or anywhere around the world are beneficial for creating partitions or blocking sunlight. The angle of their panels can be controlled and adjusted to manage the amount of light entering the room.  

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