End of Lease Apartment Cleaning Checklist

Apartment Cleaning Checklist

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Are you getting toward the end of your lease? Hoping to get your total deposit back? If so, you had better make sure to leave the place spick and span.

But in order to leave it spick and span, you need to be sure to clean everything there is to clean. That’s where this article comes in. Here is your ultimate end-of-lease apartment cleaning checklist.


There are all sorts of things you’ll need to dust throughout your apartment, from its baseboards to its ceiling fans to the tops of its cabinetry to its appliances and more. You’ll also want to dust the window blinds, if applicable.


Whether your apartment has wood flooring, carpet, or otherwise, it will need to be vacuumed in its entirety. Don’t just vacuum the main portions of the rooms. Be sure to vacuum under appliances and inside of closets as well.


Over time, the inside of an apartment can accumulate all sorts of residue. As such, you’ll need to wet a rag or sponge and start scrubbing. Scrub everything from the doors to the insides of appliances to the bathtubs to the sinks to the toilets to the walls to the ceilings and more.

One of the most important things to focus on is the oven. It’s bound to be covered in hard-to-remove residue. So, apply a specialized oven cleaner and scrub away until it’s spotless.


There are also a number of objects that will need to be wiped down. These run the gamut from the countertops to the surfaces of cabinets to windows to the outsides of appliances to mirrors and the like. You might even need to facilitate rug cleaning and rejuvenation.


Another of our apartment cleaning tips is to dispose of any loose objects or trash that still remain in the apartment. This could be anything from milk carton caps that fell behind the refrigerator to crumpled up pieces of paper to old food scraps and more.

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Pass over your entire apartment with a trash bag and make sure that everything is done away with. There should be no objects on the ground by the time you leave.


The last of our spotless cleaning tips is to remove objects that were not in the apartment when you first got there. So, for example, if you have nails in the walls that you used to hang up pictures, be sure to take them out. Or, if you have traps out that you used to catch mice, pick them up.

Put This Apartment Cleaning Checklist to Good Use

Don’t lose out on portions of your deposit just because you forgot to tidy up your apartment. Put this apartment cleaning checklist to work and you should get the ultimate deposit return.

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