5 Bathroom Design Trends That’ll Add a Splash to Your Loo

5 Bathroom Design Trends That'll Add a Splash to Your Loo

Last Updated on August 18, 2022 by rida

The average person spends over 813 days in the bathroom over the course of their lifetime.

With all that time spent in the loo, you might as well make yours a stylish sanctuary.

If you’re feeling uninspired by your home bathroom, it might be time to update its design! Get started with these five bathroom design trends, and treat your bathroom as more than just a place you brush your teeth.

1. Quirky Tiles

Tiles have always been functional in wet and humid bathroom spaces. But the range of options is always expanding, and fun tiles have become a major design trend.

With tiles, the bathroom design ideas are endless.

Swap out your old white subway tile for more vibrant tiles in colors like blue or pink. Splash tile patterns on the wall or on the floor. Or use funky tiles as an accent design.

No matter which you choose, quirky tiles will instantly modernize any bathroom.

2. Cold, Bold Black

A warm, neutral-toned bathroom is inviting, yet boring.

Lately, bathroom design is getting a cool refresh with grown-up black designs.

Black looks both polished and serious, and it looks great when contrasted with white ceramic sinks and toilets. And it’s up to you how much to commit to this style. For example, you can go all-out with black cabinets or a black wall, or you can play it safe with black rugs or black fixtures.

3. Upgraded and Tech-y Toilets

One of the most surprising, yet long overdue, bathroom trends is upgraded toilets.

These days, home toilets are getting a makeover. Features like automatic flushing, seat warming, and bidets are becoming more in-demand. For the design-savvy, you’ll love the sleek and simple look of tankless toilets.

And today’s toilets are also super practical. For example, rimless toilet bowls make cleaning easier than ever. You can find these types of toilets at Cargo Bathroom.

4. Integrated Lighting

Integrated lighting has been a huge trend in home design lately, and it’s one you shouldn’t overlook in your bathroom remodel.

Lights integrated in your bathroom mirror, creating a backlit effect, look stylish and modern. You can also integrate lights in your bath or even along the perimeter of the ceiling.

Integrated lighting is soft, unlike the average harsh bathroom lights, making it a flattering option for when you’re getting ready or doing makeup in the mirror.

5. Natural Meets Industrial

Designers have been loving combining natural and industrial elements for years, and recently this aesthetic has become a trend in the bathroom.

Natural elements are often in the form of wood or stone details, while industrial design can be found in bold metal hardware or industrial, vintage-style sinks.

Make your bathroom space one you’ll love with a fresh design.

Let these bathroom design trends inspire you, from a new toilet to quirky design details. Then, you might find yourself wanting to spend more than 813 days in your bathroom.

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