5 Facts About Raccoons You Probably Never Knew

5 Facts About Raccoons You Probably Never Knew

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Did you know that the raccoon population continues to grow all around the world and that climate change may actually help them survive? Raccoons are a very adaptive species, meaning that they can evolve to many different conditions.

Have you ever seen raccoons among your backyard animals and wondered what is up with these common creatures? Here are some key facts about raccoons that make them so much more unique than average backyard pests.

1. Their Markings Help Them to See

The classic raccoon eyes make them look like little thieves, but those markings also serve an important purpose for raccoons. The color around the eyes helps to absorb light, which aids the raccoons when they need to see things without glare.

In addition, these markings aid raccoons when they navigate in the dark of the night. They are able to view the contrast to see even if it is very dark outside.

2. They are Incredibly Intelligent

Many consider raccoons to be one of the most intelligent animals in the world. Their hands are similar to humans, meaning that they can twist, turn, and manipulate items to get what they want.

Some raccoons have the intelligence of a toddler, with the ability to remember behaviors and cues. They can recall how to open things like trash can lids, boxes, and baskets.

3. They Live All Over the World

Raccoons live all around the world, having traveled there primarily with the aid of humans. Since they are extremely adaptable, they can thrive almost anywhere, especially in city environments with high populations of humans.

They come from North America primarily but are found on almost every continent. In addition, raccoons have a quick breeding cycle of nine weeks. This means they can spread rapidly with many kits throughout their lifetime.

4. There are Seven Species

You may only have seen one type of raccoon in your life, but did you know that there are seven different species? The North American raccoon is the most commonly seen in the United States and Canada.

There are also subspecies of raccoons depending on where you are in the country. For example, the Mexican raccoon tends to have more bristly fur and a larger mask.

5. They Function Better in Cities

Even with raccoon removal efforts, raccoons persist all over the place, even in big cities. In fact, raccoons tend to thrive in urban areas.

Raccoons have plentiful supplies of food, water, and other resources in a big city versus a more rural area. They can open trash cans, drink water with their paws, and bring back materials to nest in later.

So Many Facts About Raccoons

Next time you see a raccoon out and about, you will not have to fear them. With these facts about raccoons, you can know all about the habits and traits of these furry creatures.

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