How to Remove Raccoons From Your Home

How to Remove Raccoons From Your Home

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Around 30% of rabies cases come from raccoons, which shows how important it is to remove these critters.

Although they look innocent, raccoons can destroy your furniture, spread another disease like salmonella, and dig through your trash. Luckily, there are ways you can remove these pests with minimal effort. Perhaps you’ve noticed several raccoons loitering on your property, but you’re not sure how to get rid of them.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything to know about raccoon removal.

Set Live Raccoon Traps

If you want to get rid of raccoons, then lay down large or extra-large traps. Although effective, it is a waiting game so don’t expect instant results. Start by placing a bait into the trap such as cat food or any type of meat.

Then, position the trap so the raccoon has to fully enter it, which should activate a trigger plate. Once you’ve done this, regularly check the trap and you should quickly solve your raccoon infestation.

Use Raccoon Repellent

A great method of critter control is using raccoon repellent. You sprinkle this around your home, yard, and garbage can as it will temporarily keep these pests out. Or, if you can’t find the granular version, then spray liquid repellent for better protection.

Install Electric Fencing

Before hiring a raccoon removal service, try installing an electric fence. Although raccoons can dig underneath them, it’s still a popular method. Or if you don’t want such a permanent solution, then install electronic water sprinklers in your yard as it will deter these pests. Plus, seal any gaps or openings in the fence to stop raccoons from breaking in.

Call Pest Control

Still struggling? Then Google “raccoon removal near me” to find a reliable pest control company.

This is the best option because these professionals have the equipment and expertise for the job. They can also offer a personalized treatment plan to eliminate raccoons from your home. For instance, removing raccoons from your attic requires different tools than from your yard.

Know How to Deter Raccoons

The raccoon removal company has taken care of your pest problem, which is great. But now, familiarize yourself with the preventative measures as they will stop the raccoons from returning. For instance, avoid keeping your trash or pet food outside for an extended period because these critters rely on this as a food source.

If you’ve got a dog at home, then train them to ward off any raccoons that break in. You should also plant chilis or mint around your home because these pests have strong-tasting food.

Learn About Raccoon Removal Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you know everything about raccoon removal.

Start by setting live traps, lay down raccoon repellent, and consider installing an electric fence to deter these pests. You should also call pest control and learn the key preventative measures as they will stop further raccoon infestations. Good luck!

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