5 Essential Things You Should Know About Salesforce CRM


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In the beginning, companies hosted Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions on their servers. You can imagine the high costs and lots of time it took them to set up their CRM solutions.

It could take months to years to set up, with costs running to millions of dollars. Even after the completion of the set-up, it could still be a challenge to use it. A workable solution was to build an affordable CRM software that would deliver online as a service. This was the primary idea behind Salesforce, which started as a Software as a Service Company (SaaS). 

Recent years have seen a surge in Cloud Computing Technologies. An example of a technology that has made an immense impact on the computing world is Salesforce.

In this blog, you’ll learn five essential things you should know about Salesforce CRM. Let’s get right on them.

The key features of Salesforce CRM

Salesforce offers the following key features:

  • Opportunity Tracking

Using this feature, you can keep track of milestones, decision-makers, and customer correspondence.

  • Marketing Campaigns

You can manage every aspect of a marketing campaign with Salesforce CRM. 

  • File Collaboration

This feature lets you securely share files with coworkers quickly.

  • Analytics and Forecasting

With analytics, you can instantly see how your business is performing. 

  • Email and Calendar Integration

Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and Lotus Notes are among the email applications fully integrated with Salesforce.

The recipe for success with Salesforce CRM

You can manage every aspect of a marketing campaign with Sales force CRM. You can use salesforce surveys and feedback management features to boost your campaign.

To improve the performance of the sales team, you must put into place a few strategies. These strategies will not only increase sales but also increase the customer base as well. Here’re the fundamental things it takes to succeed with Salesforce CRM:

Choosing your target

A sales team may target the wrong audience and therefore not be able to complete a sale. Salesforce, however, lets you enter designations in the fields, and you can peek up the CXO of a company for reference.

Process automation

Automating processes is more manageable with Salesforce. It provides you with insights that save a lot of time, such as automating alerts to events and new tasks, updating and maintaining customer records, etc.

Analyzing your strategies

Salesforce CRM can assess whether a client’s sales strategy and tasks are working. Having this information will allow you to tweak and adjust these strategies easily.

Working on customer service

The retention of its customers mainly determines a business’s success. You can reach out to customers with new products, services, or information using Salesforce reminders. It protects you from missing out on opportunities.

Working with a Salesforce implementation partner

You can use Software Automation Testing Services from a Salesforce implementation partner. They can provide you with various services, such as training the sales team and consultation on CRM.

Cloud services offered by Salesforce

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Salesforce provides various cloud services. Examples of these cloud services include:

Salesforce offers a wide range of products and services in the Cloud, Social, and Mobile spaces.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

You can manage your company’s sales, marketing, and customer service through the Sales Cloud.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

It can help marketers manage the customer journey, email, mobile devices, social networks, personalized web content, and managing content.

Salesforce App Cloud 

If you want to develop an app that runs on Salesforce, you can use the Salesforce App Cloud.

Statistics that will make you choose Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is a leading cloud-based software provider with over 150,000 customers worldwide. Here are some key statistics from Salesforce that will make you select it.

  • It dominates the world of CRM with a 19.8% market share. This share is more than the four leading competitors combined
  • In the 2021 fiscal year, Salesforce generated $21.25 billion, a 24.27% increase from the previous fiscal year
  • Over 56 600 employees are working at Salesforce
  • Over 70% of Salesforce customers use Appexchange applications. 
  • It boasts of over 2700 apps and has driven over 3 million installations. 

Currently, many companies use the Salesforce platform to build their applications or to migrate to Salesforce. Salesforce administrators and developers are in high demand because of this. One of the most relevant skills to include on a tech resume is Salesforce Architect.

Salesforce CRM problems you should know before making a purchase

Despite Salesforce’s immense success and dominance, it has its limitations. These limitations include:

It’s expensive and has implicit costs

Even though there was a tenfold increase in the free storage capacity in 2019, it may still be insufficient for an organization. And there’s also the extra Salesforce support cost. It would help if you considered your potential investment from the beginning. If you find it more expensive, you have the option to opt for another CRM.

Customization can quickly get off track based on the scope and budget.

Organizing custom features into groups, like “Nice-to-haves,” “Essentials,” and “Useful” will assure that your Salesforce solution remains free of excessive customization while also keeping customization costs under control.

It offers limited deployment options.

Because of strict industry regulations, it would be best not to use Salesforce if you must be responsible for your CRM’s security, performance, and continuity.


Various systems enable businesses to manage customer relationships seamlessly. Salesforce CRM is one of the best-known ones. The above five essential things to know about Salesforce will provide you with the crucial knowledge to introduce it to your business.


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