My experience to Trek to Beas Kund by Thrillophilia

Trek to Beas Kund by Thrillophilia

Last Updated on March 24, 2024 by Saira Farman

I started trekking only last year, and am very new to the whole sport in general. As it goes, I was looking for an easy trekking tour in North India, and some positive Thrillophilia reviews lead me to this particular Beas Kund trek package. I’d heard of the trek before, and knew it to be a popular choice among new trekkers.

Encouraged by the tone of the reviews in general, I decided to go ahead with it.  My cousin and I decided to take the tour earlier this year in March. The booking process itself turned out to be quite smooth, and we received adequate help both at the time of the booking and also during the tour.

My cousin and I travelled to Manali a day before the package date. Our trek started at Old Manali, which is one of the older and more rustic parts of the little hill station. The group, which consisted of 6 people in total, met up with the tour guide at the designated campsite, from whereupon we started our trek to the first stop- the Jogini Waterfalls.

The waterfalls turned out to be quite charming; we stopped to take some pictures, and then took a quick tour of the little shrines tucked away beneath the large boulders of the waterfall. We headed over to our riverside camp, where we were to pitch our tents for the night. It was my first-time camping by a river, and it couldn’t be any better.

True to the Thrillophilia Tripadvisor reviews on the website, the camping facility here was extremely well maintained. We were given fully furnished tents on a double sharing basis. The camp being just by the river, we also got to try our hand in some extremely fun adventures such as rappelling and river crossing.

That night, there was a bonfire session at the camp where we got to know our group members better. With a lot of singing and dancing, and a lot of food, the night ended in quite a carnival. The next morning, we made our way to Solang Valley, the adventure capital in the Himachal. We reached the valley by bus, then started on a little trek to Dhundi, crossing bright green meadows as we went by.

We spent the morning at Solang, some going for adventure sports, and others like me choosing to trek a little further on. The next day, on the fourth day of the tour, we started our trek to Beas Kund in earnest. The first leg of the trek proved to be the steepest ascent; being very new to the sport, I struggled a bit, but it was nothing undoable. Besides, our guide was always there to help us if we got stuck.

The climb to Beas Kund took about four hours in total. We made several rest stops on the way, occasionally pausing at viewpoints to catch a sight of the rolling valleys below. The Beas Kund itself is a small lake at the very heart of the mountains, where waters from multiple rivers gather together. We spent some time at the lake, taking photographs and enjoying the view of the lovely mountains below.

The trek then turned downwards towards Dhundi, where we spent the night. The fourth day marked the last day of the trek, as we hiked down to Solang Valley and continued onward towards Old Manali again. What appealed best to me about the trek was the short duration of it.

I wasn’t looking for a tour that was extremely strenuous or hectic, and this proved to be right up the alley. Moreover, the tour package took care of all our travel and meal arrangements as well. We received wholesome vegetarian meals cooked on site thrice every day.

The entire tour was extremely well guided as well, with our trekking expert always ready to offer any possible aid. Overall, my experience with Thrillophilia proved to be an excellent one. I’ll be looking forward to my next trip with them soon enough!

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