How To Get From Cancun Airport To Playa Del Carmen? All About It


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You can find Cancun Airport just a few kilometers away near Playa del Carmen.It has a distance of about 55 kilometers from the airport to the destination on the Yucatan Peninsula. It is a great place for couples, families, digital nomads, and backpackers. If you get a chance to go there, you will find many attractive things to see in Playa del Carmen. You can take a rental car, bus, or private transport if you want to go anywhere.

How To Get From Cancun Airport To Playa Del Carmen?

You can use a variety of Cancun Airport Transportation choices that take about 45 minutes to reach your destination. The mode of transportation you may want to use will vary depending on convenience, length of travel time, and cost.

1.     By Taxi

You can go to Playa del Carmen from Cancun Airport by hiring a private taxi. This is the best option for everyone. You can easily reach your destination without having to wait for long as in the case of hiring a bus where you have to wait for a long time for the entire bus to fill up. You can also find your hotel in the fastest way and you don’t have to worry about driving and renting a car.

2.     By Bus

You can also hire a bus for transportation. When you reserve your seat on the bus, you may have to wait for a long time till all the people come out of the airport to fill the bus.

Buses run frequently between Cancun and Playa del Carmen daily from Cancun city and airport. You can select your seats in advance, they are air-conditioning and there is plenty of space under the bus to store your luggage.

3.     Rent A Car

Those looking to get the most flexibility with their schedule can choose to rent a car and can drive car themselves. Moreover, the road from Cancun to Playa del Carmen is straight, in excellent condition, and safe.


 ADO bus station near Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen is the point of arrival for transportation to Playa del Carmen from the airport. Ticket prices are usually under $10. Travelers can catch a bus to Playa del Carmen from Cancun’s main ADO bus terminal (near Puerto Cancun). There are regular airport transport services from Cancun to Playa del Carmen. It can cost 19 dollars per person, and a luxury shared shuttle costs 27 dollars per person.

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