Glasses vs Contacts: Which is Better?

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For people with nearsightedness, farsightedness, or other vision problems, the choice between wearing glasses or contacts may be a tricky one. Some people might tell you that one is far superior to another. Both have benefits, and it’s up to you to weigh up which one suits your lifestyle. 

Glasses Provide a Sense of Style 

Over the years, glasses have become more and more stylish. In fact, many people feel ten times more confident wearing their glasses than without. With so much range in the eyeglasses department, that’s not difficult to believe! 

If glasses provide you with a sense of style, and you feel that they improve your image, it makes sense to wear them rather than contacts. Are you still looking for your perfect pair? Find a pair of unique glasses at Eyewearhaus eyeglasses near me

Some People Suit Glasses More than Others

Some people don’t like to wear glasses because they don’t like how they look. While glasses come in all shapes and sizes, that reason is fair enough. If you think you look better with contacts in, that might be the better option for your day-to-day life. It’s important to feel confident, after all. 

However, you should note that every face has a pair of glasses that suits them. It might just require a little looking around, is all! 

Glasses Provide Ease 

Contacts simply cannot compete with glasses when it comes to ease. You can’t slip on your contacts in the morning; instead, you have to carefully lift them out of the packaging and gently apply them over your eyes while staring into a mirror. It’s a careful and slow process and – compared to pushing your glasses up your nose after stumbling out of bed – a lot of effort. For people who prefer an easy life, glasses are the better choice. 

Contacts Are Better for Exercise and Sports 

For those who exercise or play sports, wearing contacts is a no-brainer. You don’t want a ball to smash your glasses into your face or your glasses to fall off while you’re on the treadmill. Of course, wearing contacts while working out doesn’t mitigate the need for glasses. For many sports players, they mix up using contacts and glasses. 

Glasses Last Longer 

Contacts are a one-time use item. After all, they go into your eyes, so it isn’t hygienic (and not recommended) to wear them a second time. Glasses, however, last as long as you look after them or until you need a new prescription. Clean them regularly, fix them as soon as there are signs of wear, and keep them in a safe spot at night to lengthen your glasses’ lifespan. 

Contacts Can Be Tricky to Apply 

Some people choose not to wear contacts because they are too difficult to apply. Plus, some are squeamish about the process. The eyes are a sensitive part of the body! So, for those who dislike the act of applying contacts, glasses make a lot more sense. 

Weigh Up Your Options 

There is no one-rule-fits-all when it comes to the glasses versus contacts debate. It’s all about your preferences, so consider what you want out of your eyewear and decide from there. You might not find contacts bothersome and feel more confident wearing them every day. Or, you might love your stylish glasses and find the ease of wearing them much more enjoyable.

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