How Celebrity Transparency Is Helping to Break Plastic Surgery Stigmas


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When cosmetic surgery first broke into the mainstream over fifty years ago, it was so heavily marketed as a silver bullet to women’s aging that, if any man opted for a tweak, he was criticized. The culture was dominated by the notion that men should “look manly,” and the idea that a male would take care of his appearance made most people jump to conclusions.

Today, however, the conversation has thankfully shifted. Everyone ages, and so there is nothing wrong with wanting to look younger; in fact, no matter what gender you identify as, you will more than likely, at some point, look at yourself with a critical eye.

In the years since the initial rise of cosmetic procedures, there have been incredible advancements in surgical breadth and technique, and public opinion has shifted to a point of acceptance; in short, the stigmas surrounding male cosmetic surgery are fading away.

Celebrities Are Becoming More Transparent About Surgery

It’s impossible to deny celebrity influence on our culture—popular stars are some of our greatest role models and have a direct impact on fashion, politics, and even currency. When Elon Musk Tweeted that Tesla would no longer accept Bitcoin, its price deflated from around $54,000 to less than $48,000 in just a single day; less than a week later, Bitcoin was worth just $32,000!

To some extent, celebrities have always alluded to their experiences with cosmetic surgery, but lately, many more have been entirely transparent about what goes on behind the scenes, especially influential men, like luxury brand designer Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs

In July 2021, Marc Jacobs posted about his facelift experience with Dr. Andrew Jacono, a New York-based plastic surgeon. By showcasing his recovery process and eventual results, he has helped to further minimize the unfortunate stigma surrounding male plastic surgery. If nothing else, this showcases Jacobs’ courage and confidence; not everyone can post these kinds of pictures on a platform like Instagram for everyone to see!

Battling the Stigma

Because men comprise half the population, ostracizing them for self-care is unfair; they should have just as many opportunities to feel strongly about themselves as female plastic surgery candidates do.

As we age, wrinkles deepen and the skin begins to pull, droop, and sag. Few people are content with these developments, which is why newer plastic surgical techniques have paved the way for widespread cosmetic treatment whether in the form of BOTOX, liposuction, or a facelift.

There will, of course, always be a select few who look down on men who undergo plastic surgery, but the veil has been lifted—pun intended! —and men on the whole are becoming more comfortable discussing not only their physical insecurities, but the best ways to address them.

More People Should Be Transparent

Thanks to widespread celebrity outreach and support, plastic surgery in general has become more popular; in short, the social dynamic has changed. Now, we are all able to look up to the country’s biggest stars—like Zac Efron, Brad Pitt, and Ryan Gosling—none of whom are afraid to give us the inside scoop on how they have managed to look so good for so long.

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