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In a world full of parodies we are not far behind in terms of technology. When we watch people flying, traveling, talking across countries the advancement of the world, and over the decade which makes its creators proud to make a good life for the place where they live. Human race is much more about making things better with day by day, year by year and to be precise thinking technology making it effective and better makes their life’s much easier and simpler. Technology has reduced the time usage and made things possible in real time. As far as advancement is referred we’re here talking to our people staying miles away through phones, emails whereas earlier we were sending letters which took days to reach and sometimes months due to inconvenience . Even waiting for replies made people go paranoid and I would say it was the most inappropriate and inefficient way to communicate.

As a matter of fact technology has proved itself precisely over the decades and still is on a pace. Earlier when we say I will pay the bill whether of any kind (television, electricity, water, mobile phone bill) has been a very time consuming process. But as the passing decade and here we have entered a new era where people have grown to a new level and adopted modern thinking/ways to do things.

There comes technology playing significantly to improve the ways as by now the world working through technology now can pay bills online and not even only bills we can now access anything in this globe online.

Further talking about mail services to connect people is one of the better and necessary processes to take place in one’s life. Having varieties of substitutes/alternatives of each technology to perform the same task is yet another advancement of the world of technology. Where we can choose according to our choice. 

One of the world’s biggest telecommunications companies which is the largest provider of email services/mobile phone services as well as fixed telephone services in the United States. It has its headquarters at Whitacre tower in Downtown Dallas, Texas. It is the parent company of mass media conglomerate Warner Media, making it one of the biggest revenue companies. 

AT&T began its journey as a subsidiary of SBCglobal i.e. South western Bell Telephone company.  It is a platform provided by yahoo and to access your SBCglobal account you need to login on yahoo mail login page. Many people who are not known to the fact of what ATT is? As I mentioned above it is one of the well known brand names in the industry of websites.

Therefore, the foremost reason to purchase AT&T was due to its heavy and well known brand name which will increase the value of SBCglobal Company. And yahoo became the common platform for the access of SBCglobal and AT&T email. 

Create Email

We can simply access our email accounts by logging in at Yahoo mail login page and for the logging in you need to enter correct and full credentials of your email id and password.

People who do not have their email ids registered are needed to make an account first to access their ATT email by opening the yahoo site which will automatically take them to the login page.

Steps for Setting Up ATT Account on Android

  • First of all open any mail app on your device i.e. Gmail or email app.
  • Now go to the settings from the top right three lines.
  • If you have already another email account in your app then simply select the option “Add another Account”.
  • Tap other in the setup email section.
  • Enter your email address then click the manual setup button.
  • Select IMAP server which is the outgoing mail service provider i.e.
  • Entering your username and password.
  • Click on the next button.
  • Select email check frequency in every 15 minutes.
  • State your account name and then it’s done or click on the done button.
  • Congratulations, now you can send and receive emails on your android phones.

With great connectivity, there come some problems too. While trying to access ATT email on android, users face issues of AT&T email problems of 2020 and unable to log in to their at&t email. 

Steps to Resolve AT&T Email Login Issues

The most important step is to check the stability of your connectivity, browser, settings, Account.

  • Sign out of your ATT mail account and then sign in again. 
  • Check your spam folder for missing messages.
  • If you want to review your settings, select the gear icon.
  • Now make sure you haven’t blocked addresses from whom you want to get an email.
  • Check filters: make sure your emails are going to correct addresses.
  • Confirm your account hasn’t been hacked or whether at any other risk by sending or receiving emails from your email address, getting complaints about spam coming from your email.
  • Check the connectivity by opening your ATT mail in a different web browser i.e. if you use “Google chrome” then instead use “Firefox” or “Mozilla”. 
  • Troubleshoot your email programs or apps.

Another foremost solution is emailspedia. It is a platform which provides a guide to fix issues of all email issues and tips to manage and access email effectively.

You can visit their site

I hope you find the above information valuable.

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