Is AT&T Fiber Lubbock Internet Worth it?

AT&T Fiber

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Millennials and Gen Z are engaged in their phones now more than ever. Ever since the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic, the shift in working, schooling, and communication styles have led to more screen time. 

The increased screen time resembles the increased usage of the Internet. People are figuring out the best and cheaper ways to use the Internet. And, the name that pops up the most is AT&T Internet. 

So, if you are wondering if the AT&T Internet plans are worth it? Then, let’s explore more through the blog. 

AT&T Fiber Lubbock Services

The prime benefit of At&T fiber is that they use fiber cables to provide a higher bandwidth than the previous copper cables. All thanks to the easily available AT&T Fiber Lubbock, it is almost the fastest internet option in the individual service areas. 

Their pricing structure has various plans, usage of data, and speed limits which can be perfect for the different households. The pricing for 100+ Mbps internet is lower than the cable- it starts at $55 per month for 300 Mbps services. 

Competitors like Xfinity charge the same price for one-sixth of the Internet Speed. If you are into regional sports a lot, then you might prefer cable as provided by  Spectrum and Xfinity. Overall, if you talk about choosing the right Internet plan for your house, then you must switch to AT&T Lubbock Internet.

The good news is that AT&T updated its pricing structure in 2020. They introduced three pricing plans:

Plan NameAdvertised speedFirst Year PriceFinal Price
Fiber Internet 300300 Mbps$55/mo$55
Fiber Internet 500500 Mbps$65/mo$65
Fiber Internet 1000940 Mbps$80/mo$80

Even though the price range is similar to the Spectrum or Xfinity, the speeds are definitely better and faster. Especially, when it comes to uploading, AT&T is the fastest and the most chosen!

Pros & Cons of AT&T Fiber Internet

Almost every Internet Service provider comes with its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. So does this AT&T Fiber mckinney tx! Here is the list of pros and cons of the Internet Service to learn if you are planning for buying an Internet plan:


Upload Speeds

The upload speeds of AT&T Fiber match the download speed and result in the best performance of the device. It is 25X better than cable.


Fiber Internet is delivered on the fiber optic lines. They are more reliable than the copper cable lines that tend to slow down during peak usage times.


Premium Sports Options

Cable companies have the edge for featuring the regional sports channels or premium sports access. It is most likely that AT&T adds NFL Sunday Ticket to AT&T Internet or TV bundles in the future. However, for now, they are exclusively licensed with satellite services. 

Equipment Limitations

Companies like Spectrum or Xfinity allow you to use your own modem and router, and AT&T requires you to specifically use their equipment. Regardless of the plans you choose, you have to get their equipment. The only way around this disadvantage of AT&T is putting the router in “bridge mode” and then connecting you on top of that. 

Is the Price of AT&T Fiber Worth it?

So, after you have learned about their plans, services, and pros and cons of adopting the Service, let’s talk about the last comparison factor- Pricing Structure. Often people ask are their pricing structures worth the services they are providing? 

AT&T Fiber is worth the price when you want it for the long term. It is cheaper to have cheaper plans than the cables offering the same speed. Cable companies have a lower rate in the first year, and it increases in the second. However, AT&T does not play such a game, making them look “expensive” upfront. Still, the price of AT&T is typically lower than the cable. 

Are you looking for the best internet service provider in Lubbock? Try AT&T Fiber Lubbock plans and find out the one that suits you the best! Contact our professionals for the right guidance and support on AT&T Internet.