How To Get A Refund On Paypal – Guide in 2023


Last Updated on January 8, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

When you are shopping online with Paypal, you will expect that things will perfectly work out. However, that is not always the case. You must understand how buyer protection works so that you may get protected if things don’t turn out the way you initially thought. If an item that you have bought is not of the size you ordered or is significantly different from what had been advertised, you may want to ask the seller to refund your money. This is why you need to understand how the PayPal refund process works.

What Is PayPal’s Policy on Refunds?

If you buy a product and pay via PayPal, and it happens that you are not satisfied with the product that you receive, the first step is to contact the seller and ask for a refund. To get started with this, you should first log into your Paypal accent, and go to the activity tab. This is where all the recent transactions which you have completed are listed. Select and click on the transaction for which you would like to get a refund for, and you will see the contact details of the seller. You can use the email of the merchant to ask for the payment refund directly.

What Happens If the Merchant Refuses To Refund?

If this happens, you can move to the next level of opening a dispute. This can be done at the PayPal Resolution Center. Remember that buyers normally receive protection from Google, but this doesn’t cover purchases in sectors such as real estate and automobiles’ you have to check out your specific transaction and figure out if it is within those that are protected by PayPal policies before you open a dispute.

You can raise a dispute, and claim within the number of days that are provided by PayPal. PayPal will do a thorough investigation and in case a decision is made in your favor, you get the refund together with every other expense that had been deducted from your account.

Does PayPal Charge for Refunds

No. PayPal does not charge for refunds at all. If you are receiving a refund in Australian Dollars, you are entitled to receive the full value of the purchase without charging any fees for the refund. Just like SecurePay, another popular and reputable online payment platform in Australia, the safety of your transactions, combined with the ease of making payments are the reasons why you can always be confident while shopping for goods and services online.

Is There A Timeline For Receiving Paypal Refunds?

Well, this is determined by various factors. If your seller refunds the money to your account, you receive it directly, so there is no time frame. Although there may still be some reasons why PayPal may want to delay the money for a short while, it depends on the circumstances. If your refund is going to your bank, or any other source, that is likely to take a few days before it’s reflected. Refunds to credit or debit cards may take up to 30 days.

Some Notable Alternatives

If you decide that PayPal isn’t the best for you, you may decide to use other online payment platforms such as SecurePay. Especially if you are a business, you can enjoy fast, safe and seamless transactions by using SecurePay. It’s affordable and you will be happy with the support offered by their customer-centric support staff.