How To Get Started With Social Media Marketing On LinkedIn? Learn A Few Tips

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LinkedIn is not a newly designed social media platform. It has been in the market for years and is considered one of the most popular and widely used social media channels for marketers. More than 30 million businesses are using this platform to market their services along with their brand and the number is expected to increase more in the long run. If you consider hiring social media marketing services in Delhi, experts will ask you to create a LinkedIn account along with other social media accounts. Now, why the experts pay attention to LinkedIn marketing strategy, we will talk about this in another article.

Today, we will put emphasis on how to start with LinkedIn marketing and a few tips related to this. Here we go.

How to get started with LinkedIn social media marketing? Steps to follow!

  1. Start by creating a LinkedIn business page. Move your cursor to LinkedIn Pages and click “create your page”.
  2. Select the appropriate category based on your business size. You can get options like small business, medium to large business, showcase page, educational institution.
  3. Fill up a form that requires authentic and accurate information regarding your brand. From uploading the brand logo to describing your brand, everything should be properly mentioned.
  4. Add company size, type, website details, proper hashtags, cover photo, along with proper languages.
  5. Grow your page audience by inviting the members on LinkedIn. Start with your employees.
  6. Finally, create a LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Few tips on LinkedIn marketing strategy

  1. Be active on LinkedIn: How can you be active on LinkedIn? By posting regularly on LinkedIn, by coming live and interacting with the followers,by running paid ads, and by replying to every comment. You have to show your consistency to the followers and attract the viewers with appealing images, videos, graphics, and textual content.

As per the latest statistics, 98% of posts that carry images get more comments and likes. Though you can upload PDFs, presentations, and PowerPoints to build engagement, you can gain a good number of viewers through your images and videos. 

  • Optimize your posts for better engagement: Building engagement is easier but retaining that engagement level is hard. You can maintain this by optimizing your posts.

Let us point out a few things that you must consider while optimizing your posts.

You have to make a habit of posting regularly.

You must share relevant, trending, and brand-specific content.

You must choose visual content to building attractions.

You should include proper call-to-action to make it more powerful.

You can generate question-answer posts for more engagement.

You need to create LinkedIn polls for feedback and engagement.

You must not forget to use hashtags in your posts.

You should write attractive headlines for your posts.

You must post at the right time to target the right audience.

Follow the tips and optimize your LinkedIn posts properly.

  • Choose the right audience to target:Targeting the right audience matters a lot. The best way to reach out to the right audience is by using the “Target Audience Settings” tool with LinkedIn.

This is an organic targeting option that allows users to create posts in a way that they can target the real audience. You can make your choices based on profile data, language preference, occupation, company size, industry, seniority, etc. Even if you run LinkedIn ads, you can use this tool to find out the right audience.

  • Measure LinkedIn ad campaign from analytics:Finally, it is significant to measure the LinkedIn marketing performance based on certain metrics. Like other social media marketing analytics, LinkedIn itself presents an analytic report that holds detailed information about the campaign.

From tracking the level of engagement to comparing the page views and interested viewers, you can determine everything while going through the analytic report. LinkedIn analytics will not just help you to understand your brand performance but even allows you to make a wise decision to beat your competitors.


Do you own a B2B business? Or B2C business? Irrespective of your business type, you can use LinkedIn marketing channels and set up your brand across the social platform. It is equally essential as the popular Facebook and the trending Instagram.

We will suggest you learn about the LinkedIn marketing strategies from the best digital marketing company before making any kind of implementation. That’s more essential!

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