Ideal Ladies Shoes in Pakistan?

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Borjan shoes were established almost two decades ago and since then they are providing high quality, stylish and comfortable shoes for men and women. Having different categories and wide range of shoes, borjan has become one of the market leaders in shoe fashion industry.

Expanding into the category of accessories including jewelry and bags provided more ease to the customer to buy all of these under one roof. Borjan always strives to provide outstanding quality material with economical prices so that everyone can buy and wear their products easily. Borjan women’s shoes are especially more attractive with increased range and stylish as compared to other brands in the market. There are many reasons why the women’s collection of borjan shoes is ideal to buy. Let’s have a look below!


Borjan works on the variation factor and diversity in their shoes and brings out many options for their customers to pick and choose according to their preferences and needs. A wide range of women slipper designs are there for causal usage with the diversification of flip flops and standard ones both.

The casual category of women shoes has a wide range of designs and styles including mules, peep toes, sandals and pumps. Each style of shoe is distinct from the others, with color and size variations within each style. Borjan shoes distinguish themselves in their formal shoe designs and styles when it comes to the formal collection. The formal category has heels, sandals, sling backs and court shoes. Court shoes are a very wide range with the uniqueness and ooze class in every design.

The designs include laser cuts, ombre shading, studs and stylish heels. Sling back shoes category also has a wide variety of colors and styles. Moreover, the traditional styles in the category of ethnic shoes are also catered with a touch of uniqueness in it. Heel Shoes for women looks outclass with their specific clothing styles and colors and gives a touch of uniqueness and elegant. Other categories include women sandals designs and sports shoes having same concept of variety and wide range providing customers the freedom to pick and choose. 


Borjan’s women’s shoes are produced with high-quality materials to meet client requirements. Some of the supplies are purchased from local vendors, while others are imported from other nations. To assure the quality of the products, quality control standards are followed in each and every procedure.

To provide the highest quality product, each and every piece is meticulously assembled. On its own, the product demonstrates the high quality of its construction and materials. Every article’s styling is determined after a thorough market analysis. The latest trends, assembling styles, cuts, forms, and comfortability are all covered in research. Borjan Shoes seeks to provide the highest quality items to its consumers in order to maintain a positive brand image and keep customers delighted.borja

Cost Effective:

Borjan shoes for women are cost effective and reasonably priced as compared to other brands available in the market. Shoes are manufactured of high-quality materials, are created according to current market trends and cuts, and are priced affordably to make them accessible to everybody.

Borjan employs a price-value tradeoff strategy and has established themselves as a producer of high-quality footwear at affordable costs. Women’s Borjan shoes are reasonably priced when compared to their styles and shapes. When we examine the quality and costs of women’s shoes from different brands, we find that Borjan Shoes offers the same quality at a lower price. Footwear prices start around 1000 PKR and average under 4000 RS.

Modish/ Stylish:

Borjan shoes are designed after complete market research and strategy. To begin the designing phase, the trends of the local and international marketplaces are examined initially. The styles to move forward to design and subsequently production department and are determined by a full R&D with reports. The trends are examined for people of all ages and genders.

Regional diversity and preferences are also important considerations. With all of these variables considered, the shoes that are released onto the market become the ideal ones. Women’s shoes are specially made with the decision on laser cuts, shapes, and colors. Women’s shoes colors are decided with the analysis of the color preferences of women and according to the needs of their dressing. Brojan is leading the market by introducing new trends, cuts, styles, and designs with reasonable prices and top-class quality.