All the information you need on Fridge Repairing if you live in Ottawa

All the information you need on Fridge Repairing if you live in Ottawa

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Your device is broken and you have decided to have it repaired? Now just enter your zip code/city and quickly find the right specialist in your area!

The people of Ottawa are fans of fridge repairs for good reason! Even if the technical defect no longer falls within the warranty period, a new purchase almost always costs more than a professional repair. However, the repair not only protects your wallet, but also the environment. In the case of long-lasting products such as notebooks, washing machines or coffee machines in particular, repair is clearly preferable from an ecological point of view. If you have your device repaired by one of our specialists, you also ensure the following: Thanks to the many years of experience and expertise of the specialists and the use of high-quality and mostly original spare parts, you will be able to enjoy yours electrical devices and systems for a long time to come.

Repair tips for refrigerators and freezers

Here you will find helpful tips for solving problems yourself.

Fridge no longer cools


  • Check if your refrigerator is switched on
  • Check whether the power supply is interrupted. A power outage may have been the cause
  • Make sure the power cord is plugged in properly

Read more on fridge repair in Ottawa you will find numerous other repair tips for your electronic devices.

Care tips for refrigerators and freezers

Here you will find helpful tips for maintaining your devices.

Clean the inside of the fridge


  • Turn off the refrigerator and unplug the power cord
  • Take all the food out of the fridge and put it in a cool place
  • Remove all shelves and drawers from the refrigerator

Read more on fridge repair in Ottawa you will find numerous other care tips for your electronic devices.

Information about refrigerators

For years, refrigerators, chest freezers or fridge-freezer combinations have become indispensable in households, industry and supermarkets (refrigerated shelves). Want to stock up on groceries for the holidays? Frozen meals and foods should still be edible after a few months or longer? Or is the next barbecue party coming up and you want to get beer and meat a few days in advance? We depend on the practical durability function for a variety of reasons. You can either rely on a very simple refrigerator, prefer freezers with several features, or integrate intelligent household appliances into a smart home.

Energy requirements and efficiency in cooling

Of course, larger refrigerators and freezers use more electricity, but energy efficiency is crucial, as is the case with washing machines and other household appliances. Normally, large white goods household appliances, such as refrigerators, are in long-term use for years. Great importance should therefore be attached to devices having energy efficiency class A++ or A+++. These require more than half the power of class A+ cooling devices. It is therefore worth paying special attention to energy efficiency when purchasing.

Which refrigerator do you use?

A fridge is not just a fridge. Compact refrigerators are usually ideal for single or couple households. A distinction is made between built-under and built-in appliances for small kitchen niches. The table or mini fridge is also very popular, as they are extremely space-saving and still offer interior space for the most important things. In terms of price, some of the devices mentioned start at $200 and less, while depending on the desired dimensions and features, it can also be much more expensive at up to $1,500. If several people use the same refrigerator under one roof, you will of course need more space. Larger built-in refrigerators or standing refrigerators are therefore in families and flat shares the dominant solution. If an optional freezer compartment is not enough for you, a fridge-freezer combination is also interesting. In general, the device variants with a larger capacity are also more expensive. Accordingly, the price ranges from a few hundred dollars to around 2,000 dollars in the XXL versions.

If you want more than basic equipment, there are hardly any limits to equipment and construction. Be it beverage refrigerators, there are also special wine refrigerators, side-by-side refrigerators or special models with a retro look: interior decorators and technical specialists offer individual solutions with additional functions. The features range from alarm functions, digital displays and additional compartments to special ice makers and smart refrigerators that can be controlled and monitored via an app.

Service for the fresh keepers of everyday life

Precisely because refrigerators and freezers are so essential to our everyday live, flawless function and service around the product play a major role. The high acquisition costs are the reason why repairs by specialist’s are usually cheaper. SG24 specialists use almost exclusively original parts here, thus ensuring the longevity of the devices. They also take care of connecting, transporting or properly disposing of your refrigerator. The technicians at fridge repair in Ottawa know the latest options, cater to your individual needs and therefore provide you with the perfect advice on everything to do with your household appliances.

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