Is Getting A Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

Is Getting A Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

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Excess body hair at unwanted places in the body can be embarrassing for men as well as women. Especially for women, unwanted hair on their face and body can be demotivating, and you end up spending hours removing them to achieve that flawless and beautiful look.

However, you need to worry now, with the latest laser technology you can effectively remove unwanted or excess hair from different parts of the body to achieve a pleasant aesthetic appearance. Many men and women across all ages prefer laser hair removal in Melbourne as the long term solution to their problem of unwanted to excess body hair.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a new treatment that uses laser technology to permanently remove unwanted hair from the body. It uses FDA-approved laser devices to focus laser energy on a marked area of the skin. The energy emitted from the laser beams reaches the hair follicles and destroys them at the roots, offering you a permanent and long term hair removal solution.

This is much better than the traditional methods of shaving or waxing, which are time-consuming and offer only a temporary solution.

Laser hair removal in Melbourne is a secure non-surgical solution to body hair removal. It could be used to remove unwanted facial hair as well as other body hair without any scarring.

Is Laser Hair Removal  Worth it?

Laser hair removal is a secure and non-invasive procedure that uses short bursts of laser beams or light to remove the hair follicles.

In this procedure, the marked area of the skin is first cleaned and shaved. Then the laser beams are targeted at the roots of the hair follicle. The beams are absorbed by the pigment, which bursts the follicle within and further prohibits its growth.

The laser beam targets and destroys hair follicles that are in their anagen or growth phase. Since the laser beams are only focused on a specific area of the skin, only the hair follicles absorb the light and the heat. Therefore, the surrounding of the skin is always safe and away from any damage.

Intense Pulsated Light: Intense Pulsed Light or IPL  procedure is the most advanced, effective, and secure treatment for permanent hair removal. In this Intense Pulsed Light procedure, a short but effective burst of light is directed at the targeted area of the skin. This light generates the heat necessary to stop the regrowth of hair and facilitates the regeneration of the skin. Therefore, the IPL laser hair removal in Melbourne doesn’t just stop hair regrowth but also improves skin quality.

IPL laser hair removal is a secure method for the removal of facial hair. Women can securely undergo this cosmetic treatment to remove facial hair around their mouth, chin. It offers a permanent and long-term solution without damaging the skin or causing any long-term side effects. However, you need to follow the doctor’s guidelines and recommendations to achieve the best results from the treatment.

The best part about IPL laser hair removal in Melbourne is that it could be successfully performed on all types of skin and shows effective results on all types of hair follicles. Some patients may experience comprehensive results in just one treatment session, whereas some may need to undergo a few more treatment sessions to achieve comprehensive outcomes.

The doctor will first examine your skin and hair type and then recommend the right type of laser treatment and the number of sessions required for comprehensive hair removal.

Side effects of laser hair removal

You may experience some short term side effects post laser hair removal, which is normal, and generally goes away within a few days

Since laser beams are used, the target skin area may become pink and swell. This swelling is a result of the death of hair follicles. The doctor recommends a proper skin cream and moisturizer that can heal the swelling and redness within one or two days of treatment.

Avoid excessive exposure to the sun post-treatment. The doctor will recommend you to wear sunscreen to avoid pigmentation issues post-laser hair removal procedure. Use sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 all the time when you move out.

The use of cheaper laser equipment and inexperienced practitioners can cause unwanted side effects like blisters, scabbing, hyperpigmentation, and hypopigmentation. Therefore, you need to make sure that the Skin doctor is well experienced in laser hair removal and uses scientifically approved laser devices for permanent hair removal procedures.

Dr. Shobhna Singh is an experienced Skin Doctor with vast experience in laser hair removal in Melbourne. We use the latest and most advanced laser equipment to perform laser hair removal procedures. To consult with Dr. Shobhna, Visit  Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre today.

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