How Much Does It Cost To Get Custom PCB Assembly Service?

How Much Does It Cost To Get Custom PCB Assembly Service?

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The cost of a printed circuit board PCB assembly service can vary depending on the project, but it is often difficult to determine exactly how much each PCB costs. There are ways engineering firms and technicians alike have found success in reducing these expenses without sacrificing any quality standards or production rates. Custom PCB assembly service is the process of getting a custom circuit board manufactured.

Imagine you’re a small company with one or two PCB assembly lines. You have an idea to save money on costs but can’t figure out how — where do I start? Here we’ll answer, “how much does a printed circuit board (PCB) assembly cost?” We’ve got the answer you’re looking for! In this guide, we will cover topics including pricing structures as well as tips on saving money with your next PCB build.

Factors To Decide Estimated Cost:

The factors through which we can divide the estimated cost of custom PCB Assembly are discussed below.

  • Labour Cost
  • Technology
  • Quantity
  • Turn Around Time
  • Parts Packaging

Labour Cost:

Labor costs are impacted by the geographical location in which circuit boards are made. Since there is a need for skilled human processes and automated machinery, labor prices vary depending on where they’re manufactured. Firms have an incentive to manufacture products within regions that offer cheaper wages due to this unevenness between different areas around the world.


Technology is one of the most important factors when it comes to assembly pricing. Surface mount technology (SMT) can provide cost savings for manufacturers because setup costs are lower and automation is heavily involved. Still, SMTs also require through-hole drilling, which will skyrocket your bill!


PCBs are manufactured in higher quantities when compared to other products because it’s cheaper. The more you make, the lower your per-piece costs will be, and that results in an economy of scale where each unit becomes less expensive due to its lack of startup fees as well programming time required at first production run only but not anymore for future prints since they were already programmed during this process.

Turn Around Time:

When someone asks, “how much does PCB assembly cost?” The thing that pops into their head is usually a rough estimate for turnaround time? In other words, what are you looking for in terms of speed when fulfilling orders?” Turnaround Time refers specifically as the span between initiating work on an item until all requirements have been met with satisfaction from customer fulfillment requests.” As a rule, it goes faster, and expectation means a higher price.

Parts Packaging:

Some parts require more labor to package and properly assemble. For instance, electric equipment like BGAs must be connected with an electrical source which can lead to the cost significantly because they need X-ray examination for short-circuiting before it is assembled into a device or shipped off of our shelves.

Estimated Cost:

PCB assembly unit costs can range from $10 to 50, depending on the number of boards produced. This quote is just an estimate, which does not include all tooling and setup charges for a typical PCB manufacturer; overall cost will vary widely by this type of business and depending on how many units are produced. Tooling costs may also come into play when considering this number; they’ll be charged separately based upon the specific needs of your order – such as a particular type or size device needing extra care during production that would require more particular consideration. 


The best way to save money on your PCB assembly is to create a custom board. There are many benefits that come with doing this, and mostly China PCB assembly factory does this, which we’ve outlined some on the above for you!

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